Maldives Resort Opens Stunning Overwater Observatory and Bar


The sea and sky have always been magical mirrors and now the decadent Anantara Kihavah in the Maldives is harnessing that alchemy with a stunning overwater observatory (equipped with the Indian Ocean’s most powerful telescope) and bar. All that’s left to do is sip, swim and stargaze; in whatever order you choose.

Available exclusively to guests, the resort’s observatory and bar, SKY, harnesses the expertise of resident ‘SKY Guru’ Ali Shameem on stargazing evenings to educate visitors to the pristine isle of Kihavah Huravalhi on the mesmerising galaxy above as they recline on a curve of outdoor lounges, cocktail in hand.

The hotel’s location in the middle of the Indian Ocean – removed from mainland light pollution – already makes for superior night-time viewing. It’s the archipelago’s position just above the equator, however, that gives the property a unique vantage point across both hemispheres for greater observational scope.

Combine those natural advantages with the custom-built, research-grade 16” Meade LX200 telescope, mounted on a super-giant field tripod and the far-off cluster of Omega Centauri and the 300,000 stars of Messier 13 almost seem within reach.

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If clouds threaten your view, not to worry. The attached SKY Bar, which serves signature creations such as the white rum, lychee, peach, lemon and Earl Grey-muddled Kihavah Island Tea, has its own astronomical advantages. The bar’s ceiling has been engineered to mimic the night sky’s complex constellations with a series of tiny star-like lights dotted over the curved covering.

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