New York’s Museum of Ice Cream Is Heaven on a Stick


As a child, design strategist Maryellis Bunn was passionate about ice-cream and she had but one wish: to swim in a pool of sprinkles. Fulfilling her own (and everyone else’s) childhood dream, Bunn has opened a pop-up museum dedicated to the world’s favourite summertime (anytime) treat.

As New York swelters, cool, sweet relief is available in the Meatpacking District where six rooms are dedicated to the joys of ice-cream. The Museum of Ice Cream includes artefacts relating to the history of this most joyful of foodstuffs, art installations such as paintings and sculptures, and interactive exhibits including, yes, a giant pool of sprinkles visitors can swim in. They’re not edible, but they look and feel like the real deal.

There are also edible balloons, an “immersive chocolate room” and a huge collaborative ice-cream sundae, which is added to daily by hundreds of visitors to the museum.

In Tinder Land, dating app Tinder has sponsored an interactive exhibit in which museum visitors can find their “true flavour match” with an app and where couples can devour ice-creams while seesawing in a giant ice-cream scoop or riding aboard an ice-cream sandwich built for two.

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Most importantly, there’s ice-cream to eat. Some of New York’s best ice-creameries including Oddfellows, Black Tap and Chinatown Ice Cream Factory are involved in the Museum of Ice Cream, and the price of admission assures visitors a Scoop of the Week. There’s another tasting opportunity, too: scientist and “food futurist” Dr Irwin Adam, founder of Future Food Studio, has created a one-of-a-kind ice-cream flavour just for the Museum of Ice Cream.

Is this the best museum ever? It just might be. The museum is open until September 4 but there’s a chance the exhibition will travel. Watch this space!

100 Gansevoort St, New York, NY, 10014

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