Qantas Turns its Beauty Kits into High Art


Art – and in one case rock music – is the inspiration behind Qantas’s new limited-edition amenity kits for international Business passengers.

To some people, Liam Snootle’s artworks – featuring bold geometric lines and sharp angles – may appear to be heavily inspired by origami. To others, they might be reminiscent of paper planes. But, in fact, it’s rock music that’s behind the creations.

“Most of my paintings [come from] me listening to very loud rock music and trying to draw the way I feel,” says Snootle.

Take the Melbourne artist’s diptych, No Queen Blues/Unwind; named after tracks by Sonic Youth, the two paintings were Snootle’s responses to the sounds of the now-defunct band’s Washing Machine album.

While the diptych has already been snagged by a private buyer, Qantas passengers flying overseas in Business can still enjoy the works, printed on the front and back of the limited-edition men’s amenity kits.

Adorning the women’s kits is Jacob Leary’s vivid collage, Bubblegum Dystopia, which, says the Hobart artist, “is about a lot of different things”. Passengers can spot some of them – trees, buildings, planes, animals – if they look closely at the colourful pouches.

New Qantas Curates Amenity Kits

Both kits are part of the Qantas Curates program, which sees the airline collaborating with Australian artists, photographers and social media influencers to produce a collection of 16 limited-edition amenity kits – eight for men and eight for women – that will be rolled out over the next two years.

Insider you’ll find Aspar hand cream, lip balm and facial moisturiser, as well as an eye mask, socks, dental kit and earplugs.

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