Do You Want to Move to Italy For Three Months?

Grottole, Matera, Italy

If an extended stay in a sweet Italian village is on your bucket list, you’ll want to enter this competition.

Airbnb is looking for four people to move to a small village in southern Italy for three months and – get this – they’ll cover your travels costs and expenses of up to €900 (about AU$1430) a month.

Grottole, in Matera, is as charming as you imagine: there’s a dilapidated 10th-century castle, crumbling church, an active olive-oil mill and seriously incredible sunsets over the surrounding meadows.

But its population has dwindled, with fewer than 300 people currently calling the village home and more than 600 homes standing empty. Airbnb is supporting this initiative from local NGO Wonder Grottole to help revitalise the town.

The four winners will stay in an Airbnb throughout the summer, volunteer with Wonder Grottole on a daily basis and work as home and experience co-hosts for Airbnb.

A typical day could include working in the community vegetable garden, harvesting honey from the beehives near the sunflower fields or a pasta-making lesson with a local.

It’s the latest in a string of initiatives by Italian villages to encourage people to come to and stay in small towns. Earlier in January, Sambuca, in Sicily, put homes on the market for €1 (about AU$1.60) to attract new owners to refurbish the properties.

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Applications for this dream sabbatical close on 17 February, with winners announced on 29 March. Fingers crossed!

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