Jessica Hart's 10 Favourite Things


She’s as famous for her gap-toothed smile as she is modelling for Victoria’s Secret.

Now Jessica Hart has a new job. As trend consultant for Qantas, she’s busy connecting what’s trending in fashion to the in-flight experience travellers can have. And her first project? Working with Qantas to come up with a destination that “Feels Like Home”, which will be photographed and produced into a limited-edition Bird & Knoll scarf.

We asked the Australian model 10 quick questions:

Morning or night?

Morning. I can only work out in the mornings – I’ve got to get up and get it done.

Cats or dogs?


Sweet or savoury?

Savoury… big time. And spicy. I love spicy food.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee but I love tea, too. I grew up making Mum English breakfast every morning.

Cupcakes or macarons?

Neither. I would have toast before I had a cupcake. But I do love Natural Confectionery – snakes, party mix, dinosaurs…

Words with Friends or Draw Something?

Words with Friends. I practise with randoms so I can beat my friends.

AFL or rugby league?


Twitter or Instagram?

Instagram but I’ve got to work on tweeting more.

Rock or hip-hop?


Gosling or Clooney?


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