7 Wardrobe Pieces for a Perfect Autumn Weekend Getaway


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The in-between seasons are the toughest to pack for, but like any travel wardrobe, the key is to choose versatile pieces that can work in a variety of outfits. This seven-piece capsule wardrobe will have you ready for anything the weekend throws at you, from Indian summer days to chilly Autumn nights. By Pilar Mitchell.

Cropped pants

Jeans are a classic weekend choice but for a change, try a cropped pair of sleek black stretch trousers. Worn with a white t-shirt and sneakers, they’re perfect for a casual brunch. With a black pair of ballet flats and a leather jacket, they channel an edgy, modern Audrey Hepburn.

Day-to-night dress

Versatile separates are the foundation of a weekend wardrobe and a carefully chosen dress can fall firmly into the separates category. A sleeveless printed dress makes for a dramatic look for dinner, and it can be neatly layered over a t-shirt and sneakers for a day look.

7 Wardrobe Pieces for a Perfect Autumn Weekend Getaway

Cross-body bag

Choose a leather bag in a statement colour like tangerine or turquoise. Bright colours can be daunting, but they lend visual interest to an otherwise neutral outfit. The cross-body style is chic and compact, keeping your belongings easily accessible. At night, detach the long strap to make a clutch.

White sneakers

In a fashion climate where streetwear is king, white sneakers are the crisp accessory that go with everything: dresses, ankle-skimming pants, pencil skirts. Bring a white leather cleaner to tidy up scuffs and dirt so your sneakers stay looking fresh.

7 Wardrobe Pieces for a Perfect Autumn Weekend Getaway

Cropped leather jacket

A buttery soft black leather jacket is a classic wardrobe staple that, if well cared for, will last for years. For an autumn weekend away, it adds an element of edge to an otherwise pretty outfit and guards against surprise changes in weather.

7 Wardrobe Pieces for a Perfect Autumn Weekend Getaway

Ballet flats

A relaxing weekend away is the perfect time to give your feet a rest, but there’s no need to feel lost without your high heels. A pair of sleek pointed ballet flats are a stylish and slightly unexpected choice. They’re dressed up with a midi-length dress and slightly biker with a leather jacket and cropped pants.

Colourful jumpsuit + white tee

Neutrals and classic silhouettes are the firm foundation of a weekend wardrobe, but it’s important to have one show-stopping piece like a bright, patterned jumpsuit. A cropped version pays homage to the summer that just passed and can be layered with a t-shirt and a leather jacket for cooler weather.

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