The Little Luxuries Our Editors Won’t Travel Without

Slip silk sleep mask

There are packing lists aplenty encouraging you to streamline what you take on holidays, to maximise space so you can take the smallest bag possible, to only pack the essentials. But, sometimes, you just want your favourite creature comforts with you when you're abroad. We asked our travel editors for the things they refuse to ditch in the name of suitcase optimisation.

Go-to Transformazing Sheet Mask

Go-to Transformazing

“I use one of these masks (RRP $45 for six) after every long-haul flight. It takes up barely any room in my toiletries bag and I put it on while I unpack my suitcase so my skin gets an extra hydration boost before I go exploring. I have a stash at home for when I return, too.”
Kate Barracosa, Online Editor

Hatch cashmere socks

Hatch cashmere socks

Keep your extremities warm with these 100 per cent cashmere socks. At $74 for two (one grey and one ivory pair) it’s definitely an investment in something you’d normally only spend a few dollars on but your feet will thank you when you’re snuggling up on the plane, or when you’re chilling in your hotel room.

Slip silk sleep mask

"I wasn't a good sleeper until I bought one of these lovely silk masks (RRP $55). It's super soft, blocks out all light and doesn't leave a weird mark on my face after I take it off."
Faith Campbell, Senior Editor

Aesop Istros Aromatique Room Spray

Aesop room spray

“I love taking an Aesop room spray ($55) with me. I generally use it at home so a little spritz around the hotel room helps me settle in and get to sleep.”
Christie Brewster, Senior Designer

Circling The Globe face serum 

Venustus Circling the Globe Serum

“Venustus founder Jeannie Bourke developed this Circling The Globe (RRP $89) face serum specifically for people who fly a lot, or anyone flying long haul. Organic actives including frankincense, jojoba and lavender balance any excess sebum that can come from in-flight dehydration, and it also combats post-flight breakouts.”
Tony Rice, Creative Director

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish

This powder (RRP $55) will give you a glow when you’re feeling a little sapped from constant travel. It’s available in 15 shades and “brightens up every face”, according to Paulette Parisi, Head of Rare Creative.

Endota Spa Organics Hydrate Me Mist

endota Spa Organics Hydrate Me Mist

“This! Every time. A quick spray (RRP $30) about an hour from landing, helps me get off the flight more refreshed than I was during it.”
Pippa Duffy, Subeditor

Aesop Sublime Replenishing NIght Masque

“This mask (RRP $140) from Aesop smells heavenly – your seatmates will thank you. It also has the benefit of going on clear so you won’t terrify the cabin crew with your visage. It’s designed to be worn overnight, so on a long-haul flight, I smooth some on before I go to sleep. While I snooze, the mask works to strengthen the skin barrier, allowing it to retain more moisture; it also imparts a whole load of beneficial vitamins like C, E, B3, B6 and F. I rinse it off in the morning and voila! Smooth, hydrated skin. On a plane! It’s magic.”
Alex Greig, Online Writer

Patchology Eye Revive FlashPatch eye gels

“Nothing makes me feel like I've had a full eight hours more than these.”
Samantha O’Brien, Account Manager

Compact contour pillow

“It's not quite little but I never leave my home without my compact contour pillow. I love hotel rooms but you never know what the pillows are going to be like. If I'm travelling for a long period of time, I even carry an extra pillow cover. I pack the pillow in my carry-on suitcase, so I can even use it on a long-haul flight.”
Akash Arora, Features Director

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

“I always travel with face cleansing wipes and this moisturiser to freshen up during and after flights.”
Rebecca Villis, Subeditor

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