All the Things to Check Off Before You Go on Holiday

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Going somewhere? Tick off these non-negotiables before you leave.

Organise your maps

Getting lost may often be the desired outcome while exploring a new city (in Venice, for example) but to avoid unexpected disorientation, add CityMaps2Go to your phone before arrival – it allows for offline navigation with downloadable maps. If you know you’ll have wi-fi access wherever you go, consider marking a Google Map with restaurants you want to try or key attractions so you can see what’s nearby as you wander.

Create a packing list

Cramming clothes into your suitcase isn’t packing – it’s a surefire way to create an untangling mission at the other end. Use an app such as PackPoint to prep properly for your trip: enter your destination, dates of travel, length of time you’ll be away and what you plan to do and it creates a dedicated packing list based on data such as weather forecasts and whether you’ll have access to laundry facilities.

Take out insurance

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Ask both seasoned travellers and first-time travellers about planning a trip and you’ll get the same response: it’s not wise to go anywhere without securing travel insurance. If you want a provider that helps you go further (literally), try Qantas Travel Insurance: you’ll earn Qantas Points to put towards your next trip on selected policies, which range from cancellation cover to comprehensive cover. Opt for the Annual Multi-Trip policy if you’ve got multiple holidays planned – you’ll have cover for an entire year’s worth of travel for up to 60 days per trip. Once you’ve bought it, make it easy for yourself to access the support you’ve secured when an emergency hits by sending a copy of the policy to your travelling partner or family back home and saving the customer service number in your phone in case you need to speak to someone in a hurry.

Streamline your finances

Minimise stress over money by getting things in order well before you pay your first restaurant bill. Tipping, for example, seems to be perpetually shrouded in mystery; tackle confusion by downloading Global Tipping before take-off, which advises you on how much to add to the bill depending on the country you’re in. Consider downloading Xe as well, which has an offline currency exchange calculator function so you’ll never be caught doing complex maths in a new place.

Protect your passwords

Make certain you’re the only one who has access to your personal details while abroad. Sign up to a service such as LastPass, a management portal that securely stores personal information and passwords to ensure security, no matter how questionable places you’ve decided to use wi-fi may seem.

Last-minute admin

Think your passport expires “next year”? Check again. If your passport expires within six months of your return flight, you’ll need to renew it. You’ll also need to confirm whether the countries you’re visiting require visas for entry and, if you plan on driving, check whether you’ll need an international license. 

Earn up to 1,000 Qantas Points with Qantas Travel Insurance when you take out a new international comprehensive Qantas Travel Insurance policy by 6 August 2019*.

*Issued by nib Travel Services. Terms and Conditions apply.

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