6 Smart Suitcases That Will Change the Way You Travel


We rely on our phones, our watches and even our cars to have the smarts so why not our suitcases? These little rectangles often cart our most treasured possessions from one side of the globe to the other yet many of us are content with the bare minimum of luggage achievements (that is, zips that close without bursting). It’s time to roll into the future – here are smart suitcases that go the extra mile.

Arlo Skye The Carry On

Avoid any traffic jams as you get your bag on and off the security check conveyer belt with this nifty little number. The Arlo Skye has no external zips – instead, it easily pops open after you enter your code in the protected locks, which means no awkward zipping, and unzipping while you rifle through your bag for laptops, or liquids. Did we mention it also has a built-in charger and anti-microbial lining?


Made from aviation-grade aluminium alloy (the very material your plane is constructed from) and as sleek as a Dreamliner, a suitcase from Samsara is as smart as it is sexy. From a completely flat top that doubles as a laptop desk to an interior lined with LED lights to help you dig through your bag in the dark, plus an app-connected alert that informs you when your suitcase has been opened without your knowledge, this suitcase is one clever cookie. Pre-orders are available now.

The Marlon Carry-On

To purchase a soft or hard suitcase: that is the question. One obvious advantage to this soft carry-on is the ability to store your laptop in an external pocket for easy access and storage. Another notable design feature is the two large external wheels, as opposed to the standard four, which results in 20 per cent more storage space. The Marlon also has a built-in charger and an assisted compression system for those prone to overpacking.

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Raden A22 Carry

There are few inconveniences as derailing as losing your luggage. Raden’s sleek design is a drawcard, certainly, but the bag’s in-built Bluetooth via a connected app is what really sets this carry-on apart. This bag also ensures you’ll never break into a cold sweat when the airline whips out a scale during boarding – the Raden A22 self-weighs so there’s no danger of exceeding the weight limit.

Lexicon Hardside Frequent Flyer Carry-On

There's no need to worry about those stress-inducing spills that inevitably happen while travelling - this forward-thinking suitcase has an easily washable lining. It also features a built-in electronic ID tag to ensure your bag isn't in transit longer than you, a USB charging port and a 100 per cent break-resistant polycarbonate exterior. 



Away The Carry-On

It’s not just the suitcase itself that’s got a brain – products from Away are subject to the company’s pioneering pricing scale that, thanks to a direct-to-consumer model, means you’ll pay considerably less for a similarly graded product. Boasting an “unbreakable” exterior, the ability to charge your phone on the go and the option of adding monogrammed initials to the exterior, this carry-all makes travel look easy (and fashionable).

*All included bags have removable battery packs but please check specific boarding requirements

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