Eva Karpati’s Best Skin Tips for Travelling


The force – and name – behind Sydney’s Karpati Medispa, Eva Karpati has both the client list and the complexion to envy. Naomi Watts, Sarah Murdoch and fashion designers Camilla Freeman-Topper, Sarah-Jane Clarke and Kit Willow are just some of the A-list clients the facialist welcomes to her Double Bay spa. With more than 20 years experience, Eva has countless tips and tricks for maintaining great skin when travelling. Here, she shares what you need to know before boarding.

Remove your make-up – stat

“You should always remove your make-up immediately upon boarding a flight, particularly liquid foundations and powders. Cosmetic wipes come in handy here, so always pack a mini pack of these when travelling.” 

Get to know your mists

“Hydrating mists need to contain hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid in order to be effective. Find a spray with the correct ingredients and spray as often as needed. Important to note though – do mind your fellow passengers!” 

Hydrate before you moisturise

“Dry skin is never ‘just dry’ – it’s always dehydrated before it gets dry. When we are thirsty, we drink water, not oil. The same applies to your skin – so be sure to drink water first. I recommend a rich moisturiser for an extra barrier protection. Look for a cream that contains omega-3 and omega-6 but definitely no vegetable oil or essential oils. I recommend Resultime Lipid Replenishing Cream.”

Opt for a suitable serum

“Serum ought to be water-based for flying. Look for a light serum that absorbs quickly and do not overuse it. I recommend Karpati Magnesium Stem Cell Serum.”

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Invest in a mask

“A leave-on mask can assist in avoiding dehydration. I recommend Resultime Super Plumping Mask; it contains hyaluronic acid, a wonder ingredient!”

Watch your drinks

“Drink plenty of water and limit your salt intake. Also limit alcohol as it will dehydrate you further. Green tea is a great antioxidant and is a much better substitute.”

Look good on arrival

“The easiest thing to apply before you land is a CC cream; it will moisturise, protect and give immediate coverage so you look polished without having to do a full face of make-up. My priority is always a shower and a good cleanse with an enzymatic cleaner once I’m settled into my hotel. You’ll feel immediately fresher and your skin will be well on its way to recovery.”

Facing different climates starts with a proper cleanse

“Clean the skin properly. By doing so you will remove excess grease, pollution, SPF and oils that build on the skin. Once the skin is properly cleansed you can apply the products suitable for the specific climate.”

Don’t overlook your eyes and lips

“Lip balm and eye drops are essential for travel! The lips and eyes are the most delicate parts of our face and become affected first so always carry these products with you.”

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