The latest range of high-tech, ultra-durable luggage was tested with a jackhammer and it survived to travel another day. It’s also as light as a feather.

Luggage is a bit like electricity or running water – you don’t think about it until something goes wrong. Like when your suitcase is circling on the carousel with your underwear dangling from a broken zip or when a pesky kid racing around the gate lounge sends your carry-on containing the new iPad flying across the room.

But with robust, well-designed luggage, such disasters are easily avoided. Ideally, a suitcase needs to be stylish, user-friendly and, most important of all, lightweight yet strong enough to protect your belongings under all conditions.

Now, industry leader Samsonite has upped the ante in the quest to produce the toughest lightweight luggage yet. The Lite-Shock range, the latest addition to its Curv collection of hard-shell cases, sets a new standard when it comes to minimal weight and maximum impact resistance. In tests, it was attacked with a jackhammer and run over by a tractor and it survived to travel another day.

Samsonite, a brand that’s already synonymous with quality and innovation, was named favourite luggage brand in the 2016 TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards  – winning the coveted title for the fourth consecutive year. So the launch of its ground-breaking Lite-Shock range comes as, well, no shock.

Lite-Shock’s lightness and durability are largely due to the impressive properties of the Curv material that it is made from. Developed in Germany, Curv has widespread uses across many industries for products that require a high degree of impact resistance – for example, ballistics jackets, sports protective gear, automotive protective shielding – and is exclusive to Samsonite for luggage.

Curv is made of polypropylene beads that are melted into thin sheets before being cooled and cut into narrow strips. These are repeatedly stretched until they are thin enough to be woven into polypropylene fabric that is then treated to form super-strong, lightweight sheets. In Samsonite’s case, it is then moulded into a wave shape to make the suitcase shells.

Apart from its durability, Lite-Shock ticks a load of other boxes – it’s as light as a soufflé, has effortless manoeuvrability and plenty of nooks and crannies for digital devices.

The Lite-Shock range comprises two check-in models, weighing 2.8 kilos and 2.5 kilos, and a carry-on that weighs a tiny 1.7 kilos.

As for manoeuvrability, there will be no backaches or banged knees on arrival at destinations – you can steer a Lite-Shock with one finger, thanks to the precision built into the 360-degree spinner wheels.

Other features include a high-security recessed TSA lock, integrated ID tag on the unique mono handle, which can be fixed in 7 height positions and functional interior pockets for separate storage.

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