12 Reasons Qantas Club Members Get to the Airport Early

Melbourne Qantas Club

When does a trip really begin? The moment you check into your hotel? Or is it when you settle into your seat and the plane lifts from the runway? For Qantas Club members, the journey begins at the airport where the myriad benefits of being a card-carrier kick in. Here are 12 reasons you’ll happily arrive early once you’re part of the club.

Fuelling up doesn’t cost a thing

Melbourne Qantas lounge

Image: the buffet at the Melbourne Qantas Club

In the rushed preparation for a flight, a satisfying meal (not just a hastily buttered piece of toast) can fall to the bottom of the to-do list. With complimentary barista-made coffee and freshly prepared meals, Qantas’ airport lounges (Qantas Club members can access selected airport lounges free of charge) prove there is such a thing as a free lunch.

Finding wi-fi isn’t a mission

A reliable wi-fi connection is a lifeline while you count down the minutes until departure. The wi-fi is free and dependable in Qantas lounges so members can be confident that every last work email will be sent, every episode of your favourite television series will download to your device and every holiday snap will be posted.

You can fill your suitcase with more

Do away with frantically repacking your bag at the check-in desk; as a Qantas Club member, you’ll enjoy additional baggage allowance at no extra charge on both domestic and international routes. When travelling domestically, for example, you’ll have nine more kilos to play with.

It’s easy to impress friends

Travelling with a companion? Invite them to enjoy the benefits of the Qantas lounge – Qantas Club members can bring a guest in for free (you must be travelling together). With a network of some of the best airport lounges, extending an invite will earn you a favour you can cash in later.

It’s actually possible to switch off

Perth transit lounge

Image: the yoga studio at the Perth transit lounge

Airports hum with constant activity that can make it hard to wind down before take-off. But the Perth transit lounge will set any passenger (travelling to London on QF9 or transiting on QF10 between London and Melbourne) in good stead for a sabbatical: the sleek space offers stretching instruction from a qualified yoga teacher to boost circulation; light therapy showers that help the body adjust to time zone shifts; and a hydration station to aid recovery from extended transit.

You can earn Qantas Points

You might be an expert in earning Qantas Points while flying, shopping or even while sleeping but did you know you clock up the points by just being a member? For every $1 spent on your membership, you’ll earn three Qantas Points – that means that while you’re sipping on your flat white as you wait for your flight to be called, you’re earning points to put towards your next holiday.

You can get the job done

Qantas Business Lounge at Changi airport Singapore

Travel in style

Image: interior of the Qantas Business Lounge at Changi Airport, Singapore

Crowded cafés aren’t conducive to doing business. If you need to finish one last project before you fly, Qantas lounges are equipped with complimentary wi-fi and private workstations, set away from the sitting area.

Special treatment starts at check-in

Time off is always more enjoyable if everything is just the way you like it. As a Qantas Club member, your travel preferences are recorded with your membership so staff can anticipate your needs. If you fancy a window seat or require a vegetarian meal (and they’re available), they’re all yours.

Moving up in the world is easy

As a Qantas Club member, you’re eligible to upgrade to Business class at the airport (when travelling domestically in Australia) by dipping into your points. There’s an additional benefit, too: if you’re travelling Business to an eligible city, you’ll also have access to the Business lounge.

Start your holiday on the right foot

Save the queues for landmarks you plan on visiting. When you’re part of the Qantas Club, the experience of flying is improved with smoother check-in at a dedicated desk for members.

Keep the kids happy

Minimise the chance of your next family holiday starting with a chorus of “I’m bored” by distracting the youngest members before take-off. Access to Qantas lounges is free for children and once inside, they can make the most of the Apple computers and, in some airports including Canberra and the Gold Coast, entertainment areas that are designed to occupy restless kids.

Make your friends jealous

It’s the eternal question of the digital age: if you didn’t post it on social media, did it even happen? Start flushing your feed with holiday snaps hours before you board with the requisite ‘pre-flight glass of bubbles’ shot and a healthy serving of hashtags including: #holidaymode #holidaystartsnow.

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