Inflight Skincare Tips from the Cosmetics Cop Paula Begoun


Paula Begoun has spent years keeping cosmetics companies honest, earning the label The Cosmetics Cop and penning best-selling books including Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me. Her website, Beautypedia, is a must-visit for anyone who wants to know exactly what’s in that brand-new miracle moisturiser. In 1995, Begoun launched her own range of skincare and cosmetics, Paula’s Choice Skincare, and it is now available around the world. This year alone she’s travelled from her home base in the US as far afield as China, Israel and London – so take heed when we warn you: don’t step on the plane without reading Paula Begoun’s inflight skincare tips.

What are your must-have inflight beauty products?

“This depends on the duration of the flight – the longer the flight the more skincare products you will need. For a three- to six-hour flight you need a lip balm to keep lips moist, sunscreen (as the light coming through the windows at higher elevations is intense), a rich hand moisturiser, eye drops to combat dry eyes, nasal spray and just enough make-up for touch-ups before you land.”

Is there a multi-purpose beauty product you travel with?

“My Paula’s Choice Lip & Body Treatment Balm is probably the most versatile as it works on frizzy hair, nails, hands and lips.”

Do you have a strict or relaxed inflight beauty routine?

“Strict, given how much time I spend on planes – especially long-haul flights. I’m never relaxed about it or my skin pays for it when I land.”

How often do you tend to your skin on a long-haul flight?

“I tend to my skin just as I would at home. I do my complete skincare routine for morning and night based on the timing of the flight.”

Are there any products you avoid wearing on a long-haul flight?

“False eyelashes and mascara. It’s just too much of a pain to get off and impossible to put back on when I land.”

The best inflight beauty tip I've ever been told is...

“Take care of your skin like you would at home in the winter – you need to be concerned about the same things, such as your skin feeling dehydrated.”

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