Is the Front or Back Row the Best Choice for a Flight?


Torn between forward and aft seats on your next economy-class flight? Two frequent flyers state their positions to Kate Barracosa.

Lyndon Terracini

Artistic director, Opera Australia

“I prefer the front row because I like to get on the plane and go straight to sleep. I carry a lot of stuff and it’s much easier to get settled in the front row, as there’s always more space. Also, during the flight, fewer people walk past your seat so you’re disturbed less. And there’s no-one reclining their seat in front of you either so there’s far more room to stretch out your legs, which is especially important on long-haul flights.”

Marnie Goding

Creative director and founder, Elk Accessories

“People think that by sitting at the front, they won’t have to wait as long to get off but we all have to wait for our bags. Being up the back is handy when you’re with children, as you don’t have to constantly tell them to stop staring over the seat at other passengers and you’re closer to the bathroom – kids never tell you early enough that they need it. And if it’s not a full flight, there’s a better chance the seat next to you will be empty.”

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