Is it Better to Stopover in Singapore or Perth?


Where should you break your journey on the way to Europe? Kate Barracosa asks two frequent flyers.


Glen Sealey

COO, Maserati Australasia and South Africa

“The new Sydney-Perth-London route is fantastic because it allows me to work more efficiently. I can take the early flight from Sydney to land in Perth in time for a full day with the team in Western Australia then fly to London that evening. I can sleep most of the way, wake up ready for the next business day then use London as the link to fly to other locations in Europe. 


Kirsten Paisley

Deputy director, National Gallery of Australia

“Singapore is a good halfway point so you can acclimatise gently into the Northern Hemisphere. Singapore Changi Airport is great so even if you don’t get into the city, you can be entertained for several hours. If I have a day, I’ll go to National Gallery Singapore and have a meal on its rooftop then visit the Indian Quarter to buy textiles. With a bit more time, you can indulge in street food at the open-air markets.”

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