To Roll or Not to Roll? The Packing Question Finally Answered


It’s packing’s great dilemma. Two fashion 
experts put their case to Kate Phillips.

The Roller

Jennifer Hart, Everyday Cashmere

“I can go two to three weeks with only seven kilos of hand luggage – I do that by rolling. You have to be organised, 
of course. I take five or six outfits but 
I choose pieces that complement 
one another in different combinations. 
I roll each outfit together – jeans then cashmere then tops. The no-ironing factor is important to me; I put a scarf or wrap between my garments so they don’t crease. Once I’ve worn every outfit, I unroll them and re-create new combinations and I’m set for the next week. It’s crease-free and light and it still leaves room to throw in an extra wrap if I’m going to a colder climate.”

The Folder

Cheryl Manning, Manning Cartell

“I know rolling is supposed to save space but it’s not for me. I like to organise by folding. I start with heavy coats and jackets, folding them in half and placing them at the bottom of my suitcase. Then 
I divide the rest of the space into halves: one for shoes and toiletries; the other for pants and tops. It’s a neater look and I know exactly where to find what, which is helpful when I’m not in a hotel room long enough to unpack everything. I fold my tops just like they fold shirts in a shop: I lie them flat, face down, and bring the outer seams in. If a garment is delicate, I might put it in a plastic bag but that’s rare. I also alternate smooth and textured clothes so they don’t catch.”

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