How Beauty Experts Hide Signs of Jet Lag


We’ve all seen them: those people who step off the plane with glowing skin, bright eyes and perfect hair even after 20 hours in transit. How exactly do they do it? We asked the world’s best beauty experts to share their secrets to looking fresh every time you exit the aircraft. Take note.

Hannah Mutze, National Brow Artist, Benefit

“Brushing your eyebrows up with a strong-hold brow gel is a simple and fast way to fake a fresher looking face. This easy trick instantly lifts the brow, creating a brighter, lighter and more open eye area – with no mirror or sleep required!”

How Beauty Experts Hide Signs of Jet Lag

Katrina Lodge, Co-founder, We Are Feel Good Inc.

“Pawpaw [ointment] is my absolute favourite all-rounder when it comes to combating skin fatigue from flying. I use our pawpaw nectar to keep my lips and the backs of my hands feeling hydrated during a flight. Plus, it works as a super beauty product upon landing – I smudge it under my eyes to fight dark circles and to smooth my eyebrows.”

Melanie Grant, Director, Melanie Grant Skin Health

“I often arrive at my destination with a puffy face and eyes so for an instant fix [once I arrive at my hotel] I fill a large bowl with cold water from the refrigerator along with 10 ice cubes then plunge my face in the bowl for five to 10 seconds at a time and repeat five times. Pat dry, then apply a hydrating mist and serum and finish with a lightweight moisturiser. The cold water works to stimulate lymphatic circulation and blood flow. It also constricts capillaries and pores, leaving skin refined and awake.”

How Beauty Experts Hide Signs of Jet Lag

Lucy Kuper, Dermal Therapist, Biologi

“After every flight, I cleanse and exfoliate my face and apply serum. Flying can dehydrate skin and decreases blood flow to the skin’s surface. A serum locks in moisture and stimulates vital blood flow back to the surface to get the skin glowing and hydrated again.”

Kirsten Carriol, Founder, Lanolips

"Dark circles are a dead giveaway so a good concealer is a must. Dry-looking lips are also a sign. Just before I land I use a lip stain to give my lips colour and then apply a tinted balm on top to get hydration back and add a natural, healthy glow." 

How Beauty Experts Hide Signs of Jet Lag

Paula Begoun, Founder, Paula’s Choice

“Puffy eyes go hand-in-hand with jet lag. Gently massage the area with your fingertips or use an eye gel to quickly alleviate puffiness.”

Teneille Sorgiovanni, Ambassador, Endota Spa

“Applying a face mask an hour before touching down is a must for me. When I’m done, I massage the remaining serum into my face. When I’m 10 minutes away from landing, a quick spritz of a hydrating mist will take skin from fresh to radiant.”

How Beauty Experts Hide Signs of Jet Lag

Kerry Cole, Global Style Director, BECCA Cosmetics

“I always take a liquid highlighter with me when travelling. Mix it into your foundation and apply for an instant glow.”

Carla Oates, Founder, The Beauty Chef

“I always take a probiotic on the plane as it helps to support gut health, which can become imbalanced when flying. Your gut is where 70 per cent of your immune system lies, where we make nutrients and detoxifying enzymes and neutralise pathogens. If disrupted, it can affect everything from your immunity to skin health and wellbeing.”

How Beauty Experts Hide Signs of Jet Lag

Irene Robinson, General Manager, Sisley

"The skin around your eyes is three to five times more delicate than the rest of the face so I always recommend travelling with an eye mask, which works to hydrate, reduce puffiness and alleviate the appearance of dark circles.” 

Corinne Morley, Global Beauty Expert, Trilogy

“A quick spritz of a mist will deliver instant moisture to the skin and it’s beautifully refreshing, too.”

How Beauty Experts Hide Signs of Jet Lag

Kerrie Moore, National Training Manager, Dr. LeWinn's

“The pressurised cabin can dehydrate skin, contributing to signs of jet lag. Keep your skin looking fresh and radiant by applying a mask that contains intensely hydrating hyaluronic acid.”

Rose-Marie Swift, Founder, RMS Beauty

“Nothing hides the appearance of jet lag more than an illuminator because it puts the glow back into skin with light-reflective dew. I apply it on the tops of my cheekbones and inner corner of my eyes to give a healthy lit-from-within look.” 

How Beauty Experts Hide Signs of Jet Lag

Annabelle Personeni, Botanical Chemist, A’kin

“Restore hydration to your skin post-flight by warming one or two drops of rosehip oil in your hands and pressing over the face and neck to create an instant glow. This can also be applied over make-up.”

Zoe Boikou, Founder, ZOEVA

“Just before I hop off the plane, I apply a swipe of liquid lipstick to my lips and some small dots of the product on my cheeks and blend for a rosy, fresh touch.”

How Beauty Experts Hide Signs of Jet Lag

Marie Enna-Cocciolone, Founder, O Cosmedics

“Prevention is the best cure. A few days before a flight, I focus on internal hydration and just prior to boarding I layer my serums and creams to lock in moisture. Finally, before I land, I spray a mist and apply lipstick and blush for an instant refresh.”

Charlotte Tilbury, Founder, Charlotte Tilbury

“Once I’m settled on a flight, I apply a hydrating cream. I work the product with my fingers over my cheeks, then in a pitter-patter tapping motion over the forehead, nose and chin. This promotes lymphatic drainage and leaves skin looking plump and hides evidence of jet lag.” 

How Beauty Experts Hide Signs of Jet Lag

Zoe Devine, Official Expert, Skinstitut

“Skin always shows the effects of jet lag through lack of moisture. To prevent and hide signs of dehydrated skin post-flying I make sure to drink plenty of water and topically apply a hydrating mask both during a flight and afterwards to draw moisture into the skin and keep it plump.”

Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, Founder, 111 Skin

“It’s best to use skincare that provides a high concentration of ingredients quickly – sheet masks in particular work perfectly for this as they are able to deliver formulas swiftly and deeply into the skin. Pop one on around half an hour before landing to appear fresh and well-rested.”

How Beauty Experts Hide Signs of Jet Lag

Chanel Jeane, Founder, Arcona

"Hydration is the magical world when you’re travelling. My ultimate beauty product while flying is facial oil. With only few drops it replenishes, hydrates and prevents moisture loss.”

Bee Shapiro, Founder, Ellis Brooklyn

“It's always a battle over hydration and circulation on long flights so I have a complete strategy to tackle both. For super-long flights, I slather on as much body moisturiser as possible and pull on cotton compression knee-high socks. For the face and neck, I reapply serum and oil diligently in that order. Serums generally penetrate the skin better and then the oil on top seals things in.” 

How Beauty Experts Hide Signs of Jet Lag

Belinda Besant, National Training Manager, La Prairie

“Oil is a must for glowing on-board skin. The low humidity levels in an aircraft can be very drying on the skin. Look for lightweight, natural oils that restore the moisture barrier.”

Kate Somerville, Founder, Kate Somerville

“To de-puff the area around your eyes post-flight, place two spoons that have been chilled in the fridge for 15 to 30 minutes over your eyes for five minutes. You can also massage your eye cream in with the chilled spoons, by gently applying pressure outwards towards your temples.”

How Beauty Experts Hide Signs of Jet Lag

Eva Karpati, Founder, Karpati Medispa

“I religiously apply a highly concentrated, potent hyaluronic acid under my moisturiser, which is the best and fastest way to trap moisture for long-lasting hydration." 

Terry de Gunzburg, Founder, By Terry

“Before take-off, I prepare my skin with one drop each of Liftessence Serum and Liftessence Oil Elixir. Then I layer a mask on top.”

How Beauty Experts Hide Signs of Jet Lag

Julia Noik, Founder, African Botanics

“Keep skin well-hydrated by drinking as much water as you can before and during a flight. Massaging a facial oil into your skin during flight will also prevent trans-epidermal water loss and dehydration.”

Stephen de Heinrich de Omorovicza, Co-Founder, Omorovicza

“Take preventative action before flying for long-lasting hydration deep into the epidermis. I always apply a serum, rich moisturiser and a facial mask.”

How Beauty Experts Hide Signs of Jet Lag

Alli Webb, Founder, Drybar

“I use eye patches from Peter Thomas Roth as soon as I hop off the plane. They’re super hydrating and help with fine lines and puffiness – something we all need a little help with when we fly. I also love the Caudalie facial oil. It’s a huge dose of hydration for the skin."

Richard Kavanagh, Creative Director, ghd Australia and New Zealand

"A long-haul flight might not always leave you looking your best – and having fresh hair can be a quick and easy way to combat some of the obvious visual signs of jet lag. Giving your hair a good brush from root to tip will help distribute the natural oils, add bounce and shine and take out the tangles that might have formed during sleep." 

How Beauty Experts Hide Signs of Jet Lag

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