How I Earn Enough Qantas Points to Book Flights Around the World


If you enjoy catching the latest movie, going on epic road trips or pampering your pet, there are easy ways you can earn Qantas Points. These passionate Qantas Frequent Flyers share their top tips on how to accumulate points on a day-to-day basis – and where their points have taken them.

“In the last 12 months, I’ve redeemed a million Qantas Points on flights” – Dean Bignoux


“About 90 per cent of the Qantas Points I collect are earned on the ground and I often use them to upgrade my flights to Business. I recently received 60,000 points when I signed up with Optus and I’ll always fill up my car at bp. If I need to buy something big like a TV, I’ll buy it at Kogan.comEveryday Rewards has great boosts in the Everyday Rewards app, so I keep my eyes peeled for them, too. For instance, they often have offers for 20 times the points on gift cards at Woolworths. I recently utilised this offer to buy a new laptop.

“In the last 12 months, I’ve redeemed a million points worth of flights. For my mother-in-law’s 60th birthday, my partner [above, left] and I surprised her by booking Classic Rewards Business Flights from Melbourne to Paris for us, our son and, as an added surprise, her other son (and my brother-in-law), Chris.

“After earning so many Qantas Points on the ground, I qualified for Points Club membership, so we had access to the Qantas Lounge. When my mother-in-law walked into the lounge, Chris was waiting to surprise her. As a family, we travelled through France, Greece and Germany – it was a very special trip.

“My partner and I also recently flew Melbourne to Los Angeles on points and Melbourne to Canada, where our first son Beau was born via surrogate. We flew home with him on a Classic Rewards Business Flight. It was a great way to come home.”

There are thousands of ways to earn Qantas Points on the ground. Fill up at bp to earn up to 2 Qantas Points per litre of fuel and 1 Qantas Point per $1 spent on eligible in-store products. To find out all the ways you can earn points, visit

“I flew on the inaugural Qantas flight to Seoul using my Qantas Points” – Alex Choros


“I’ve been earning Qantas Points since I was a teenager but my partner and I recently started taking it seriously so we could upgrade our flights to Business; it’s a nice perk. Even when we’ve flown on Christmas Day to see family, I’ve been able to upgrade our flight.

“I keep on top of points promotions by being a part of different Qantas Frequent Flyer Facebook groups and I look out for Qantas emails. My energy provider is Red Energy so I earn points here but I ‘double dip’ by paying my bills with a Qantas points-earning credit card. I do the same with my groceries and fuel – I earn points through Everyday Rewards when I shop at Woolworths and I fill up with fuel at bp. I also earn with Uber and I always see movies at HOYTS to get extra points. While they may seem like small amounts at the time, they really add up.

“One of the most memorable points redemptions was when I flew on the inaugural Qantas flight to Seoul. We booked the flight on my partner’s birthday, on a whim. It was really exciting to go somewhere neither of us had been before, using Qantas Points.”

 From buying movie tickets to filling your car up with fuel, there are thousands of ways to earn Qantas Points on the ground. To find out all the ways you can earn points, visit 

“Whenever I’m about to spend money, I always think: ‘Is there a way I can earn Qantas Points for this?’” – Michael Casha


“I find it really easy to earn Qantas Points because there are just so many ways to do it with everyday spending. My favourite way is through Everyday Rewards; I shop for my groceries online with Woolworths so my account is linked and I don’t even need to think about scanning my card. The same goes with HOYTS; it’s linked to my Qantas Frequent Flyer account so I make sure I organise everyone's tickets to get the extra points. Bp is great (if I'm going to fill up my car, I may as well get points at the same time) and I love the Qantas Wellbeing app. I set up walking challenges with friends – I get healthy and earn points, too.

“I visited Cairns earlier this year and paid for my flights using Qantas Points. I also bought $700 worth of JB Hi-Fi vouchers with my Qantas Points through Qantas Marketplace in order to buy an automated cat litter machine. I could never justify spending my own money on it so it was a great way to use my points – I just wish I had bought it sooner!

“I’ve also got plans to visit friends on the Gold Coast in September and I’ll book my flight using points. And I’m planning to move house so I'm building up my points balance to buy a new TV and some furniture on Qantas Marketplace.”

Whether swiping your Everyday Rewards card at Woolworths, filling up your car with fuel at bp or powering up your home with Red Energy, there are thousands of ways to earn Qantas Points on the ground. To find out all the ways you can earn points, visit

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