Angelos Frangopoulos’ Travel Tips


Angelos Frangopoulos talks family getaways, his secret to a stress-free journey and how to deal with jet lag. 

Occupation: CEO, Australian News Channel, which owns Sky News channels in Australia and New Zealand

Where he’s travelling: The Philippines

What are you doing in the Philippines?

My wife, Rebecca, and I have always wanted to see Manila and the Philippine islands so we’re going with our daughters, Libby and Amy, and sons Max and Leo.

Do you travel a lot for work?

I attend the big, influential conferences and exhibitions. There are a few trips a year but I’ve become a FIFO-style traveller, arriving on the day events start and leaving on the day they finish.

What’s the secret to a stress-free journey?

Go with the flow. Once, our flight back from Thailand was cancelled for technical reasons after we’d already boarded. Rather than get worked up, our family ended up visiting Bangkok’s Dusit Zoo on our bonus day. It turned out to be a highlight of our holiday.

What’s your approach to packing?

I’m hopeless. When I’m travelling alone, my packing sometimes begins as the taxi arrives at the front door. Rebecca is far more organised on our family holidays.

On my own, I take only carry-on. When it’s the six of us, there’s a kitchen sink packed just in case.

Do you have a secret to travelling light?

I tend to take the minimum and if I get stuck I can always buy something there.

What do you never leave home without?

My APEC travel card [which gives frequent business travellers faster and easier entry to participating APEC economies]. It makes passport control in Asia and the US a breeze.

Do you get to the airport late or early?

I try to arrive as late as possible.

Have you ever missed a plane?

Nearly. I had a flawless track record until last year at Heathrow when I went to the wrong terminal. I got to the departure gate just in time after a mad run. My travelling companions were not impressed.

What do you wear on the plane?

I always board in my suit if I’m travelling long haul for work then get changed into something comfy. The suit gets hung up so it’s nice and fresh when I go straight to work at the other end.

Do you wear the pyjamas?

If I’m lucky enough to be in Business Class, I get changed into them before we take off.

What’s your routine on the plane?

I put my phone on charge and power through emails. Then a meal and a movie. If it’s an overnight flight I try to get to sleep straightaway. Of course, sleep is relative to how close you are to the front of the plane.

What’s the last book you read on a plane?

My reading is confined to a pile of unread magazines I’ve grabbed from home. I also download newspapers and magazines on the PressReader service [through the Qantas app].

What’s the last movie you watched?

I love the latest releases but I always scan the older movies. I recently enjoyed re-watching Minority Report.

Do you request a particular seat?

When we’re travelling as a family, I choose three consecutive window rows. Lots of windows equals no arguments equals a pleasant flight for parents.

Are you a chatty seat buddy?

I figure if you’re going to be sitting next to each other for 23 hours it’s polite to say g’day but I don’t seek out a life story, nor do I offer one. Sometimes you get talking and you do meet amazing people. I also really enjoy meeting the crew.

How do you deal with jet lag?

I always power through to the end of the day to make sure I get onto the right sleep cycle.  

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