And Breathe… The Best Inflight Meditation Apps


Whether you’re a nervous flyer or simply can’t slow your mind, these meditation apps can help you relax in midair. By Jenna Meade.

If you’re jetting to an island holiday or an interstate job interview, inflight meditation apps can help you hit the reset button and achieve clarity for the journey ahead.


Choose between guided and unguided programs at this handy pocket meditation school. Start your mindful journey with the 7 Days of Calm introduction, learning foundations such as breathing and posture. The bonus 10 immersive nature scenes are an outdoor-lover’s dream.

Operating systems: iOS, Android
Cost: Free; extra for monthly subscriptions with additional features


You’ll have a world of wellness inspiration at your fingertips. Sample and take your pick of teachers and meditation styles from a collection of hundreds. Once you’ve freed your mind, indulge in the extra personal-growth features, such as inspirational speeches, hypnosis and productivity sessions.

Operating systems: iOS, Android
Cost: Free; extra for additional sessions

Smiling Mind

Designed to improve your current mind-state, this app asks you to check in with your feelings before entering Zen territory. It’s not just for adults – there are specially formulated programs for kids and teens, too, and a family account can link all members. A dashboard helps you keep track of your progress for the week.

Operating systems: iOS, Android
Cost: Free

Relax Melodies

This one’s for more experienced meditators who have the foundations sorted but still need some help zoning out in noisy surroundings. Choose from more than 50 ambient, soothing sounds or blend a mix to create a white-noise backdrop ideal for meditation. You can even leave your headphones in and drift off to sleep afterwards.

Operating systems: iOS, Android
Cost: Free

1 Giant Mind

For those who love a good challenge, here’s a program that aims to make meditation a daily habit. The 12-step course offers 15-minute sessions, each building on the previous step. Unlock encouraging content as you go along and learn more about meditation principles in the in-app library.

Operating systems: iOS, Android
Cost: Free 

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