Bigger screens, higher resolution 
and advanced facial recognition 
– the latest smartphones are more 
than meets the eye.

The Best New Smartphones to Buy in 2018


LG’s G6 didn’t receive the kind 
of fanfare that greets the arrival of many new phones on the market but make no mistake, this is a premium product. The 5.7-inch high-resolution screen has Dolby Vision and HDR10 – features 
you’d normally expect from a top-of-the-line television – which gives a larger palette and sharper video on the small screen. The front-facing camera is wide-angle, letting you squeeze a few more “selfs” into that selfie.

Galaxy Note8

At a mammoth 6.3 inches, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 dwarfs 
the other phones here but that’s always been the point of the Note series. The large screen not only accommodates two apps at once, it also lets you make the most 
of the included S Pen so you can scribble on the fly, even with the screen locked. The dual-lens rear camera features an optical zoom and has been designed for better night photography, capturing sharp images even in low-light conditions.

The Best New Smartphones to Buy in 2018

Nokia 8

Your eyes do not deceive you: the much-lauded Nokia brand is back, this time as a well-priced Android smartphone. The killer feature of the 5.3-inch Nokia 8 is called Dual Sight, which takes the front- and rear-facing cameras (each clocks 
in at 13 megapixels) and allows 
you to use both at once to create split-screen images. This feature also works for live-streaming 
video on services such as YouTube and Facebook.

Sony Xperia 
XZ Premium

The Premium model in Sony’s Xperia XZ range earns its name 
in several ways but the 5.5-inch 4K screen with HDR, offering superb colour and contrast, is what first catches your eye. The Premium also boasts the world’s slowest slow-motion smartphone camera, recording video at just 960 frames per second. The 19-megapixel 
rear camera also has Predictive Capture, buffering images as soon as it detects movement, before you even press the shutter button.

The Best New Smartphones to Buy in 2018

Huawei P10

Huawei has again partnered 
with Leica, the maker of high-end cameras, for the P10. Dual lenses on the rear provide a 12-megapixel colour sensor and a 20-megapixel monochrome one, meaning better low-light photos, optical image stabilisation and a depth-sensing autofocus. If size counts, you can choose the P10 Plus – all the same features but with a bigger battery and a higher-resolution 5.5-inch screen, up from 5.1 inches.

Apple iPhone X

The latest and greatest from Apple does away with the home button for a sleeker, edge-to-edge screen. But how do you unlock your phone? Just by looking at it, thanks to the switch from fingerprint to facial recognition. The iPhone X maps more than 30,000 points on your face in 3D to ensure it can’t 
be fooled by photos or masks. The new iPhone also has an upgraded screen, with the famed Super Retina display on an OLED panel. Of course, all this cutting-edge technology does come with a price tag that might feel a little sharp.

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