The Best, Multi-use Soundbar Speakers Right Now


Home audio reaches new heights with these smart, multi-use soundbars.

An immersive audio system is an essential part of a home theatre but not everyone is able to host a multi-channel surround-sound set-up. If your living room is on the smaller side or you want to avoid multiple speakers, installation costs or cables running amok, a soundbar might be just what you need. These units, often combined with a wireless subwoofer, cleverly emulate surround sound and even offer high-tech tricks for your music. The latest models are primed to work directly with your streaming music services via your home network, delivering high-quality audio, no matter what device you’re using.

Sony HT-MT300


Sony’s super-compact soundbar-and-subwoofer combo may look tiny compared with some of the other units but you still get great sound at a good price. For the space-conscious, the HT-MT300’s slimline sub has been designed so it can work while stored flat under the couch or front and centre near the TV.

The Best, Multi-use Soundbar Speakers Right Now


The LG SJ7’s innovative design allows you to use it as a standard soundbar, split it in two for a side-by-side stereo set-up or position one half behind your couch to work as a rear speaker, making it perfect for smaller rooms. The battery in the second speaker means you can use the SJ7 as a portable Bluetooth speaker around the house.

The Best, Multi-use Soundbar Speakers Right Now

Samsung HW-K950


Samsung’s flagship soundbar packs in 15 speakers to create one of the richest soundscapes available, even bouncing sound off the ceiling for a completely immersive experience. Bluetooth connectivity means the HW-K950 will also play music from your phone or tablet.

The Best, Multi-use Soundbar Speakers Right Now

Yamaha YAS-306


Yamaha is famous for AV receivers but it’s no slouch with soundbars either. The YAS-306 has two built-in subwoofers so you get great sound, whether using it vertically, horizontally or mounted on a wall. The unit includes Yamaha’s Clear Voice technology to enhance dialogue in TV shows and movies.

The Best, Multi-use Soundbar Speakers Right Now

Panasonic SC-HTB688


Understated in its design, the SC-HTB688 has three speakers in the main unit and a wireless subwoofer for extra oomph in the bass. Different audio modes keep the sound clear, whether you’re watching a movie, listening to music or catching the news.

The Best, Multi-use Soundbar Speakers Right Now

Sonos Playbase


If you’re after something with a discreet profile, it’s hard to go past the Playbase from Sonos. It supports up to 35 kilograms so a TV can sit on top and you won’t need to skimp on screen size. And the set-up is simple with just two cables. You can use it to play music from more than 30 different streaming services.

The Best, Multi-use Soundbar Speakers Right Now

Bose SoundTouch 300


This high-end soundbar from Bose is almost a statement piece with its metal grille and tempered-glass top. Connect the SoundTouch 300 to your home wi-fi network and stream music from a range of services.

The Best, Multi-use Soundbar Speakers Right Now

Top image: Yamaha YAS-306

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