How to Set Your Instagram as Your Out-Of-Office Reply


Banish boring out-of-office replies and use your Instagram travel snaps instead with new Qantas Out Of Office Travelogue.

Travellers who have traded the office for the ocean and have an Instagram account can now inform colleagues and business acquaintances of their whereabouts with a photo-diary of the trip. Qantas Out of Office Travelogue links email with Instagram to provide an up-to-date travelogue as well as all the usual information such as when you’ll be back, and to call Sharon in accounts if the matter is urgent.

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To activate, go to and enter where you’re flying to and from, your travel dates and a message, then connect with your email account and your sunny snaps will be sent out automatically. It’s just like your usual out-of-office – only much, much prettier.

And never fear, your boss won’t get an email missive featuring a blurry shot of you, your new friend Juan and a half-empty bottle of Champagne, even if you did upload that memory to Instagram. Travelogue only uploads images you’ve tagged #qantasoutofoffice, and it works with private Instagram accounts, too.

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