When he’s not tearing up the track, chances are the five-time Bathurst-1000-winning V8 Supercar driver is winding down with online chess.

What’s your latest technology purchase?

My heart-rate monitor, a Garmin Forerunner 920XT. It’s a watch that records distance, speed, altitude – everything and anything – so I use it to track my training regimen, which includes running, swimming and road and mountain biking.

What internet sites do you go to?

Normally eBay. I’m always looking at cars to see what’s out there. It’s almost like window-shopping. I love motorbikes and I use dirt bikes for training so I also go to the Honda site to keep up to date.

Apple or Android?

Apple. I used to be an Android user but I switched.

What social media sites and apps do you use the most?

I use Instagram (@craiglowndes888) and Twitter a lot and also Facebook. I try to do as much social media as I can myself but I have a management team in Melbourne that helps me out with Facebook. I also use a weather app, WillyWeather, to keep track of conditions and what’s coming, especially on race weekends.

How would people know when it’s you tweeting, as distinct from your team?

I always put a smiley face and a thumbs-up at the end of my tweets. It’s a bit of a trademark.

How many followers do you have?

On Facebook, almost 270,000 likes; Twitter, almost 64,000 followers; and Instagram, just over 39,000 followers.

Have you ever regretted a tweet?

No, I double-check what I’m tweeting. I try not to get involved in the politics of motor racing. The majority of the tweets I get are people asking questions. When I’m in and out of airports, I’ll sit in the lounge and try to reply to as many as I can.

Do you get grief from fans of other teams?

We’ve had some tweets from Ford fans and other people not wanting me to win but they appreciate it when they get a reply.

Who do you follow?

I follow news sites and Queensland Police to find out what’s going on on the roads because I’m passionate about road safety. I also follow a lot of race drivers around the world – it’s an easy way to keep in contact with them.

What’s been your favourite social media moment?

It was nice to get a tweet from [actor] Eric Bana when we raced against each other at the Bathurst 12 Hour [sports-car endurance race] a couple of years ago. When I first got involved with the sport back in the mid-’90s, we did a very comical clip [for Full Frontal] when he was just getting started.

What technology do you take on planes?

I normally use my laptop or phone. I also have Bose noise-cancelling headphones to watch movies. I’ve got the inner ones, not the cupped ones. They’re compact and easy to travel with.

Wi-fi or no wi-fi on planes?

I’d say no, only because it’s nice to get on a plane and be able to switch off.

What’s your worst technology habit?

Probably playing computer games. At the moment it’s either chess or backgammon. Sometimes I play against the computer and sometimes I play against my partner [Lara McDonald], who has learned how to play both very well, very quickly.

What technology would you like that you don’t have?

Maybe a drone. There’s one coming out, called Lily, that’s very clever. 

Clipsal 500 Adelaide, the opening round of the V8 Supercars Championship Series, runs March 3-6.

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