Passport to Perfect Holiday Hair


A quick and smooth transition from beach to bar calls for the right styling tools. Now there’s a solution in one convenient package.

If you’ve ever tried to style your hair with one of those hotel hairdryers that’s attached to the wall, you will understand the need for professional styling tools. ghd has been leading the way in heat styling for over a decade with its innovative technology and market-leading range of salon-quality electrical tools, brushes and styling products. Now, just as you’re getting ready to pack your suitcase for a summer holiday, the ghd air® copper luxe professional hairdryer and ghd V® gold copper luxe styler are available in one handy gift set.

Those among us with thick or curly hair are all too familiar with the plight of “doing your hair” after a day at the beach or in the humid tropics. For those who don’t, let’s break it down: first, you have to decide between washing and styling. You can’t do both because the average hairdryer won’t dry your mane in time for you to use a hair straightener and still make happy hour. Wash and dry without styling and you have to put up with the frizz that comes from blasting with a substandard hairdryer. But styling without washing means walking that tightrope of grease and “flat hair” syndrome. Not ideal when you want to look your best.

But good news: the ghd air® copper luxe professional hairdryer dries two times faster than regular hairdryers thanks to ionic technology that also minimises frizz. So no more standing red-faced in front of the bathroom mirror waiting for that one wet section to behave itself. No more deciding between washing and styling; you can easily do both because not only do you have time (the hairdryer finishes off even the thickest hair in minutes), you have the hair – silky, salon-style hair that’s ready for the advanced ceramic plates on the ghd V® styler and a hairstyle that matches your perfect party outfit. The ghd V® gold copper luxe styler comes with a plate guard and heat mat, and switches to sleep mode automatically after 30 minutes. Now the only choice you have to make is between a mojito and a margarita.

The ghd copper luxe deluxe pack, including ghd air® copper luxe professional hairdryer and ghd V® copper luxe styler, is available for $355 in the finest salons and at

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