Kevin Murphy’s Top Travel Hair Tips


One of the most in-demand hairdressers in Australia, Kevin Murphy has worked his magic for some of the world’s top publications, including Vogue, Vanity Fair and GQ. His eponymous range of products adorns shelves at top salons the world over, and he’s styled the locks of A-listers such as Cate Blanchett, Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr and Jessica Hart. Who better to share tips and tricks for managing your mane on the plane?

What hair tools should you always travel with?

I find my best tool is a pure boar-bristle brush because it smooths down the hair’s cuticle and adds shine without snapping (Kevin Murphy Smoothing Brush, $79).

What hair products should you always travel with?

My travel staples are an anti-frizz cream and dry shampoo. You never know when you are going to get stuck with a flat hairstyle with only minutes to get some volume. Anti-frizz cream is great to define your hair and if you get stuck in a humid climate, the combo of dry shampoo and anti-frizz cream will stop you looking like you have been pulled through a bush backwards: you will have volume, control and definition.

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How should you wear your hair on a plane to ensure it looks good when you arrive at your destination?

For girls, a low, loose braid will mean your hair will arrive with a soft wave and be pretty much sleep-proof. This will also keep the frizz away. For guys, I suggest no product but if you must use something then go with a little dob of a lightweight styling crème. When applied to slept-in hair with a little bit of water, it can reform hair into shape from the day before to make you look fresh again.

What’s the easiest way to revitalise your hair after a flight?

Use a volumising powder or a light texture spray to lift and refresh your hair. Simply hang your head over and spray or shake the powder into the roots and mid lengths to bounce you back up again.

How can you treat dry hair while travelling?

Treat your hair like you would your skin. Use a fine mist of leave-in conditioner during the flight – it’s like having a leave-in treatment in your hair.

How can you treat oily hair while travelling?

Use a dry shampoo lightly during a flight to absorb any natural oils (Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair, $34.95).

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