To step off your next flight feeling – and looking – refreshed, follow this simple advice from Esstudio’s beauty expert Jacqui Arnold.

Skin care: Prior to your flight, exfoliate and cleanse your skin then apply a quality hydrating moisturiser. Even an hour in the air can be drying on your skin. To freshen up, spritz your face and décolletage with rosewater every couple of hours. On long-haul trips, a hydrating serum will give you that extra boost. Apply moisturiser every four hours and use an eye cream or gel to help with puffy eyes.

Hair care: Wash your hair the night before and apply a leave-in treatment before blow-drying. Carry a gloss mist in your hand luggage and apply on the ends; avoid the roots as it could make your hair oily. Braiding long hair will keep it out of your way and make it easy for sleeping. Before you disembark, undo the braid and add a light hairspray or styling cream for a loose curl. If you have short hair, spray a dry shampoo at the roots; this will add volume as it’s probably gone flat during the flight.

Make-up: Try to wear minimal make-up on board to allow skin to breathe. If you need to apply cosmetics before disembarking, use a cream foundation or a BB cream as a base, followed by blush or bronzer and a slick of colour on lips. On a long-haul flight, cleanse your face with wipes and apply moisturiser, waiting a few minutes before applying your foundation or BB cream. (Hint: use Mac Strobe Cream under your foundation for extra dewiness.) A concealer under the eyes will remove any dark circles. Then you’re fab to go!

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