In the Air with Jodhi Meares


Since founding her own label The Upside, Jodhi Meares splits her time between Sydney and Hawaii, and often finds herself on long-haul flights. Here, the fashion designer shares her five tips for travelling in style and comfort.

Hydration is key

“I always take Hydralyte with me on a flight to replenish electrolytes. I find travelling when you’re tired is the easiest way to lower your immune system, so before long-haul flights I make sure to get a vitamin shot. Otherwise, load up on vitamins before you go, and carry them with you onboard.”

Be comfortable  

“Gone are the days when girls would travel in pencil skirts and heels. Now comfort isn’t sacrificed to look good, particularly with sportswear currently at its pinnacle. The Upside Recovery collection caters for that middle ground of comfort and style. A good quality tapered track pant is way cooler than denim, and a lot more comfortable. I love The Upside Shiny Fleece Julia Pant teamed with a plain tee, coat and white trainers.”

Don’t sacrifice your routine

“On long-haul flights, always take a change of clothes that is fresh and comfortable. Wash your face like you’re going to go to bed, and when you wake up, change your clothes and freshen up like you would in the morning.”

Take Epsom salts with you

“Epsom salts are full of magnesium that work wonders on jet lag. When you arrive at your destination take a salt bath. When absorbed through the skin, the salts relieve muscle tension, pain and inflammation in your joints – this is also a great habit to get into post training.”

Get physical

“I always try to get myself to a yoga class after landing, but if that’s to much for you, just take a brisk walk. The majority of my travel is for work, so keeping active is really important to me. Holidays are different, but it’s always good to get up and get moving no matter what the vibe of your destination. It’s also important to either stay up late or go to sleep early in order to adjust to the time difference.”

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