In the Air with Jessica Gomes


While work takes her around the world, Jessica Gomes is always clad in directional, Australian designers, “there are so many amazing local labels!” In Sydney for the David Jones Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Launch, the Perth-born model shares how she keeps her travels stylish, and most importantly, stress-free.

Who are your favourite Australian designers?
Kit Willow has made a huge comeback with her new label, KITX. She’s using all ethically sourced material, which is important and something we all need to be conscious of. I also love Jac+ Jack’s knits and baggy trousers. In terms of swimwear, JETS do a killer one-piece. The material is really high quality.

Which clothing items would you not go on a trip without?
A white t-shirt, a pair of denim shorts and a black dress by Dion Lee or Ellery.

What’s the best place you’ve ever travelled to?
Marrakech, Morocco because – for me – it smelt like childhood. Something about the warm air and the spices. It was so magical!

How often do you travel?
Every second week, pretty much.

How do you stay fresh on a flight?
I use a hydrating spray and mist, drink lots of water, and apply a good eye mask. Sleep helps, too. I guess you just deal with it!

What is the secret for a stress-free journey?
Get there early, be organised, bring snacks, buy some magazines, get cosy, zone out, turn your phone off, watch a movie and really get into it! Put on your trackies and just enjoy.

What’s the most luxurious place you have ever stayed in?
The Ritz in Paris, The Plaza Athénée‎, Paris, The Park Hyatt in Paris… anything in Paris, really.

How do you deal with jet lag?
If I arrive at a destination early in the morning, I’ll try go for a swim, do some exercise, put my feet into the sand or get into nature. Hot baths and messages help too. Anything to make myself feel good! 

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