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Yes, she’s the younger sister of fashion dynamo Abbie Cornish but this Australian actress is a powerhouse in her own right. Best known for her role as Vicki in Puberty Blues, Isabelle Cornish has an expansive CV, brimming with high-profile modelling gigs and ambassadorships. And let’s not forget her massive social media presence online, where she shares her healthy lifestyle with more than 195,000 followers. Between the shoots and green juice breaks, this Hunter Valley-born darling frequently flies between Sydney and Los Angeles. Here, she shares her tips for keeping things fresh on the road.

What’s in your inflight beauty bag?

During a flight, I apply an Eminence Hydration Masque for five to 10 minutes to stop my skin dehydrating. I also keep Laura Mercier’s Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer in my hand luggage and apply it as I’m getting off the plane after a long-haul flight. It’s lightweight and packed with SPF. I couldn’t travel without organic pawpaw ointment and, of course, a toothbrush. I brush my teeth on all long-haul flights – it keeps me feeling fresh.

How do you stay glamorous on a flight?

I like to use flying as a way to relax, switch off and chill out so I remove all my make-up, drink at least two litres of water and take super-greens and magnesium for my muscles. I’m probably more of a relaxed flyer than a glamorous one but I believe water is absolutely the key to helping you look better on arrival.

What’s your latest beauty discovery?

Essential lavender oil. I put a few drops on my wrist and neck but you can also dilute the oil in a spray bottle and spritz it on your pillow at night. Lavender is calming and helps relax your body, relieves stress and aids sleep.

What’s an instant fix if you're looking tired?

Putting cold green-tea bags on your eyes for 10 minutes is amazing and I also enjoy five to 10 minutes of Shavasana [corpse pose]. Even after five minutes in Shavasana, you’ll feel rested and rejuvenated and have more energy.

Is there a budget beauty buy that’s best in class?

Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara. The brush is perfect, the consistency makes sure there are no clumps and it instantly brightens the eyes and opens the face.

What’s one make-up trick every woman should know?

Don’t apply a base where it’s not needed. This will help to keep your skin looking more “make-up free” and natural. It’s best to go with a light base and cover spots with a good concealer; this will also make your foundation last much longer. 

Isabelle Cornish is an ambassador for the 2016 Sydney Autumn Carnival, which is on until April 16 at Rosehill Gardens and Royal Randwick in NSW. Tickets are available now.

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