In the Air with Elyse Taylor


She calls Sydney home but Elyse Taylor is one of Australia’s most successful model exports. From Vogue to Victoria’s secret, the fashion heavyweight frequently travels to New York and Paris for work, and most recently visited home shores as part of an ambassadorship for local cosmetics house, Nude by Nature. Here, the style (and jet) setter shares her tips for keeping things chic on the road.

How often do you travel? 
Honestly, almost every other week. Before I had Lila I was basically travelling to two different countries a week but I’ve had to be more selective given I don’t like to be away from her for too long or too often.

How do you prepare for a flight? 
I like to get to the airport ahead of time so I’m relaxed and don’t feel stressed by rushing. Being a regular traveller I also like to avoid hold ups at security screening by having everything that needs to come out (laptop, beauty products etc) easily at hand. Then I use the extra time in the lounge to clear all my emails and have a meal so I can sleep as soon as I get on the flight. 

Where are you off to next?
I have a job booked in South Africa.

What do you have in your carry on? 
If I’m flying solo I relish the opportunity to rest and catch up on sleep so I pack lightly – essentials include an eye mask, comfy clothes and socks, paw paw ointment for my lips, Nude by Nature Nude Oil, noise cancelling ear phones and healthy snacks… but if I’m travelling with Lila I also pack all her favourite toys, iPad, colouring bag and a few changes of clothes for her. 

How do you stay comfortable on a flight?
I have a pair of Equipment cashmere PJ’s that double as loungewear which are great and really comfy for long haul flights, otherwise I just wear jeans, flats and a shirt – I also pack a scarf because I tend to get cold on flights. I rarely wear make up on a flight, so when I get on I just use a wipe just to freshen my skin and then apply a heavy duty hydrating mask or moisturiser. A hairbrush and hairbands are a necessity to tame my hair, but otherwise I’m pretty low maintenance when flying.

What is your secret to staying fresh on a flight? 
Avoid alcohol and sugary carbonated drinks. 

How do you overcome jet lag? 
Since having Lila I’ve felt like I’m in a constant state of jet lag, so I just embrace it and roll with it.  

What's the most memorable place you've ever travelled to and why? 
White Horse Canada, we were shooting Tommy Hilfiger.  It's in the Arctic circle, it was just amazing. It’s incredible to go to remote places like that for work… it’s a part of my job I constantly appreciate.

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