In the Air with Anthony Nader


Hairstylist Anthony Nader shares his tips to staying glamorous on a flight and exactly how he travels in style.

What’s in your inflight beauty bag?
SK-II masks. I know I look like a bit of a freak with a mask on but when I get off the plane, I look and feel revitalised. I always carry dry shampoo from Oribe; it absorbs natural oils and gives you a bit of oomph.

How do you stay glamorous on a flight?
H2O, no bubbles plain and simple! I also have my own blow up neck rest, which is velvet. It’s my little security thing and I’ve got the eye patch to match.

What’s the one product you can’t live without?
My signature scent, Comme des Garcons 2. I spray the salon with it every day – it’s an expensive habit.

What’s an instant fix if you’re looking tired?
Tease the hair’s roots at the crown area to create a ’60s vibe. It gives you an instant lift and takes nothing to do.

Is there a budget beauty buy we should know about?
If your pay packet won’t allow a topnotch moisturising styling cream, opt for sorbolene. Rub a pea-size amount into your palm and work that through your mid-lengths and ends.  

What’s one thing that many women get wrong?
They tie their hair up in a tight elastic when it’s still damp. When hair is wet, it is at its weakest, which is why you get hair breakage.

What do we overlook?
The power of a heat-protector spray. It protects damp hair from any hot appliance you put on it.  

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