Anthony Nader’s Top Travel Hair Tips

Top travel hair tips.

Dividing his time between New York City and his luxurious RAW Anthony Nader salon in Sydney, there are few better qualified than Anthony Nader to dish up tips and tricks on how to maintain flawless-looking hair when travelling. This is the man who Gisele Bündchen, Miranda Kerr and Cate Blanchett trust with their locks so when he tells us his favourite tools, products and techniques, we’re listening.

Anthony Nader

What hair tools do you always travel with?

I always have my pocket-size Mason Pearson 100 per cent boar-bristle brush with me – it controls static and doubles as a scalp massager. I also take a light moulding paste that gives my hair more definition and texture, for when I arrive at my destination.

Which hair products are must-haves when travelling?

Men should keep their styling products to a minimum. Use a product that has a bit of sheen, as opposed to a drying one. Women should opt for a weightless leave-in conditioning spray, as it protects the hair strands from UV and heat, and a super-light hairspray to sculpt any hairstyle into shape. I always recommend a hair refresher fragrance that perks up and hydrates the strands, too.

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What’s the best hairstyle to ensure sleek hair on arrival?

If you do a ponytail, be sure not to have the band too tight, otherwise you’ll get an indentation in your hair that you’ll find difficult to smooth out. Alternatively, try a loose braid – great for keeping you looking well groomed.

What’s the easiest way to revitalise your hair after a flight?

Men can sprinkle their hair with some water and take a pea-size amount of moulding paste, warm it between their palms and work it through their hair to achieve the desired style. Women can revitalise flat tresses by flipping their head over, spraying dry shampoo on the roots and mid-lengths and massaging it in. Brush it through and leave the hair out or whip it into a French twist.

How do you treat dry hair while travelling?

Before you leave for the airport, shampoo then towel-dry your hair until it’s at least 90 per cent dry. Then apply a rich moisture cream mask and smooth your hair into a neat plait. When you arrive at your destination, unravel the plait for beautifully soft, flowing ripples.

How do you treat oily hair while travelling?

This is where dry shampoo makes another entrance. It will soak up excess natural oil and give your strands more volume. The key to looking sharp at the end of your flight is not overloading your hair with unnecessary products.

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