Will Jeweller Samantha Wills Meet "The One" on Her Next Flight?


The New York-based Australian jeweller was convinced she’d meet “the one” in the air. But potential suitors may have to fight a good doco for her attention. Interview by Kate Barracosa.

Do you have a pre-flight routine?

The last thing I always do before boarding is call my mum.

What would you recommend packing for New York?

I try to pack outfits in the same palette. You really should have a massive parker for New York’s winter but I wear jeans and a leather jacket and run to cabs. Autumn is about jeans or leather pants and different tops for day and evening. I’d also pack flat boots, heeled boots and two blazers. But don’t overpack – you need a half-empty suitcase to fill with shopping.

Experts often suggest that travellers leave expensive jewellery at home. Do you?

If you’re travelling with thousands of dollars worth of diamonds, that would be very good advice. But jewellery is a way to make a travel wardrobe work harder. I’d pack one cocktail ring, two necklaces and three or four pairs of statement earrings, including hoops.

Any tips for packing jewellery?

Zip-lock bags or the press-stud pouches we’ve just introduced in our packaging. Both keep things untangled. 

What else is in your carry-on?

A bag of international adaptors. Even if I’m not travelling to the countries that the adaptors are for, I might need them! And when I’m travelling to New York, I usually go straight to the office so I take a blazer. If I’m going directly to an event, I carry a suit bag and a travel steamer.

What do you do once you’re on board?

I always bring a book, though most of the time I never open it. I listen to music and podcasts before the flight takes off and I watch a lot of documentaries; the last one was Becoming Warren Buffett. 

Do you have an inflight beauty routine?

My friend told me she uses cloth face masks – the ones that make you look like an ice-hockey player – and I was horrified. If I woke up and someone next to me was wearing that, I’d have a conniption. I did get a good tip from a make-up artist: go to the duty-free area before you board and use a few drops of night cream from a tester.

Do you chat with your seat mate on the plane?

If they make eye contact and want to chat, I will. 

Have you ever met anyone particularly interesting on a flight?

With the amount of flying I do, I was convinced I would meet my future husband in an airport or on a flight but not yet! I haven’t met anyone too famous, either, which is a good thing. If I had to spend a 24-hour flight next to a celebrity, it would weird me out.

How do you get to sleep midair?

A glass or two of red wine is definitely helpful. I try to be asleep 10 hours before landing.

Does the novelty of flying still exist for you?

It does. My dad jokes that I treat planes the way most people treat taxis – and it’s not lost on me what a privilege that is. The hardest thing about that kind of travel is making sure somewhere always feels like home.

Is flying purely for pleasure different?

Yes. For a while, I didn’t want to get on a plane when I had holidays because I was travelling so much. But now I appreciate the adventure of a new destination. 

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