Why Kitty Flanagan Doesn’t Unpack from the Last Trip


If you spot this comedian on a flight, think twice about playing Candy Crush without headphones (or she might crochet you some manners). 

Do you have a packing routine?

My only routine is that I don’t unpack from the last trip so it tends to be a top-up. I always swear I’ll do it and then I keep finding suitcases with clothes in them.

Is there an item you always take? 

It’s supposed to be my hair-curling tongs but I regularly forget them on tour. I have to buy new ones so I now have half a dozen. I always have two inflatable coathangers – I couldn’t live without them. And several pairs of headphones so I can offer them to parents who “forget” that not everyone wants to listen to their child’s iPad game. 

Anything else?

My crochet. I took it up a couple of years ago because I was spending so much time on planes. My friends wish I hadn’t because everyone has a beanie or a scarf or gloves or a cushion cover or a blanket.

How much of a crochet project can you get done on a flight? 

From Sydney to Seattle and back, I managed a scarf, a beanie and gloves. 

How else do you pass the time?

I listen to podcasts – Freakonomics Radio and Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History.

Are you able to sleep on a long-haul flight?

I am because I’m quite small. Being small is a bonus on a plane, even though I have to stand on the seat to reach the overhead locker.

What snacks do you take on board?

I’d love to take CC’s or cheese Twisties but they smell too much so I take plain chips. I find them really boring. And no hot food – I don’t like it when people get on with burgers. That’s terrible flight etiquette.

What else is on your etiquette list?

On domestic flights of 1.5 hours, there’s no need to recline your seat. We can all sit upright for that long. 

Do you talk to your seat mate?

I’m not a huge chatter but I’ve had a few good conversations about crocheting or where I can get good wool. I’ve also had cabin crew try on my scarves to see if they’re long enough. 

What’s the best flying experience you’ve ever had? 

I got to fly First class with a friend. I think the crew can tell that you shouldn’t be up there, because you look really nervous – like a naughty kid wondering if you’re going to get busted.

Do you have any tips for a relaxing flight?

Have a couple of glasses of wine at the beginning and then lay off it. It stops you being stressed about people putting their seat back.

What’s your exit strategy?

I like orderly disembarking. People should board and disembark in rows. They do it that way in America and I love it when they turn people away because their row hasn’t been called. I’m a stickler for rules and if someone tries to break them, I want them punished! 

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