Travel Tips With Olympic Aerial Skiier Danielle Scott


You travel for up to five months at a time. 
How do you pack enough?

You have to plan what you’re going 
to need each week and the things you 
can re-use and ditch on the road. I deal with a lot of weather variations so my luggage includes a raincoat, a ski jacket and singlet tops for working out in the gym. You do get sick of wearing the same 
things all the time so I’ll take a scarf, 
a light bomber jacket and jewellery, too.

What’s your trick for fitting bulky jackets in your suitcase?

Vacuum-seal bags – they make it easy to squash down puffy jackets. Plus, rolling everything and folding socks into shirts 
to make it all more compact.

What’s in your carry-on?

A spare change of clothes, toiletries and compression socks – I never travel without them, no matter how short the flight.

And what’s your go-to onboard outfit?

Compression tights by Under Armour 
[for which she is an ambassador], to keep my circulation in check, a long-sleeve top with a zip neck and a thin puffer jacket that scrunches into a ball.

Are you the person doing exercises in the aisles?

If I can’t sleep, I’ll do a few lunges. I do 
calf raises and take frequent walks to the bathroom to brush my teeth or hair, just to keep moving. It’s important as an athlete – and for everyone – to keep the blood flowing so you feel good at the other end.

What else do you need to do midair when you’re flying to a competition?

Hydrate. I also take vitamins – such as vitamin C – probiotics and magnesium to keep my immune system kicking and help with muscle recovery.

How do you pass the time on board?

If I’m changing time zones, I take a sleep mask. And I film a lot of GoPro footage so editing that is a fun way to pass the time. The people sitting around you love to see what you’re doing, too.

Do you chat to fellow passengers?

The team tries to wind down after events – I’m usually pretty exhausted when I’m travelling – but on the way home from 
a training camp in Utah in October, I sat next to the US polo team heading to the world championships in Richmond, 
NSW. It was great to meet other athletes.

Do you take your own food on the plane?

I order the vegetarian meal. Sometimes 
I’ll grab a snack bar from the lounge beforehand but it’s easy to overeat when you’re sitting there with nothing to do 
so I don’t pack too many treats.

Once you land, what’s the plan?

I carry my electronics in a cotton bag that makes it easy to pull out at security. If I’m wearing a coat, I put my jewellery and phone in the pockets and take it off. When the team is travelling, we have unusual things like helmets or knee braces so anything that makes [a security check] 
go more quickly is a must.

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