Why This Comedian Always Sits at the Back of the Plane


When it’s time to disembark, you’ll spot this Aussie comedian and actor at the back of 
the plane, waiting for the film credits to roll. 

WHERE HE'S TRAVELLING: Hobart to Melbourne
Returning home after filming the TV comedy series Rosehaven
ON THE RADAR: He co-wrote and 
stars in Season 2 of Rosehaven, airing on Wednesdays at 9pm from 25 October on ABC TV and iview.

Where would you like to fly to next?

I’d love to go to Mars – that’s a gap in the market that Qantas needs to stitch up.

What do you do before a flight?

I like the food court. When you’re at an airport, all food is fine, all drink is fine and calories don’t count.

When packing, do you roll or fold?

I’ve started rolling my clothes. It’s changed my life because I’ve been able to double my space, although 
I made a huge mistake when I was coming to Tassie and made room for my PlayStation. It meant I had something like one pair of jeans and two T-shirts for nine weeks.

Did you at least have time to use it?

Oh yeah. Since I didn’t go out, I didn’t have to change 
my clothes – it was perfect.

Is there an item that you always pack?

Bluetooth speakers so I can hook up my phone and listen to music, no matter where I am. Otherwise, it’s just undies, socks and electronics – anything with a screen that I can fit into my bag.

Do you browse the airport’s shops before you board?

Normally, I already have everything. I finally got noise-cancelling headphones and they’re amazing.

Aisle or window seat?

As soon as I’m sitting between two people and they’ve made themselves comfortable, I tend to have to go to the toilet. So I like to sit in the aisle seat.

Are you able to sleep midair?

Plane, train, car – I can’t really sleep while moving. 
So I watch movies; I don’t mind seeing four in a row. The hardest thing is when you fly from Melbourne 
to Tasmania and you get most of the way through 
a film... then, just as the climactic scene is happening, 
you have to get off. I’d be happy to help clean up if 
I could sit there and watch for a bit longer.

Do you have a favourite spot on the plane?

Right at the back. You’re never in the way of people trying to hand out beverages. It’s the least bothersome spot and the quickest way to access the bathroom.

Would you say you’re a good flyer?

I was a nervous flyer for a long time. Turbulence scares me a bit but it really helps when the pilot announces that it’s all very normal. It has to be serious turbulence to worry me now but if I look at the cabin crew and they’re calm, that’s all I need.

What do you like about flying?

I just love that it’s an option. I’m excited and curious to see where it goes; what the next advancement will be.

Maybe it will be a flight to Mars?

I look forward to seeing a Qantas lounge on the surface of Mars.

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Photography credit: Norm Oor

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