Travel Talk with Anna Plunkett


Snuggling up to Jenny Kee, crying over Michael Jackson and styling a fellow passenger – it’s just an average plane ride for the fashion designer.

Have you started packing?

No way! I’m a last-minute packer. Luke and I have to carry our entire collection with us on the plane so we have very limited space. How much we take for ourselves depends on how many kilograms are left over after packing the collection, which is usually pretty heavy.

What do you pack?

I lay everything out on my bed the night before we leave. I make sure I have a good pair of pants that goes with everything and that all my outfits work together. Shoes are hard; I usually take two pairs – one comfortable and one for going out. Actually, it’s probably more than two!

What do you wear on the plane?

I like to wear stretchy leggings with a dress over the top, plus a cardigan and scarf because I freeze on the plane. The cardigan and scarf I always bring with me are by Jenny Kee. I love the familiarity of home – it brings me comfort while travelling.

What do you never leave home without?

A really good pair of shoes. At the moment, that would be my Gucci blue suede shoes. I also bring a quartz crystal that Luke gave me, saying, “Clear quartz, clear thoughts”. We always set a collection of crystals in our showrooms overseas.

Are you a relaxed flyer?

I’m really relaxed. I love being able to not do anything or be reached by anyone. 

Luke has said that you can’t stop talking about work when you’re together on the plane…

It’s true! I get really inspired and forward-thinking in the air; it’s like I can see the big picture. But that’s just on short flights. During long-haul flights, I switch off.

Have you ever had any fantastic design ideas in the air?

Yes, I always have random things pop into my head. I’m not sure why – perhaps it’s because you have to physically disconnect and that gives you a clear mind.

What’s your plane routine?

I like to get all set up. I take out my facial wipes, Smith’s Rosebud Salve and hand cream – I love Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm. A friend gave me Aesop Ginger Flight Therapy, which I dab on before and during the flight. Sometimes Luke and I will apply those SK-II masks together [laughs]. 

Can you sleep on the plane?

Yes, easily.

Do you introduce yourself to your seat mate or keep a friendly distance?

I suppose it depends on the person and whether they want to chat. Once, I met this girl who was flying to London to get married. She told me all about her dress then I helped her with jewellery choices and we ordered Champagne!

So what’s your alcohol policy inflight?  

I don’t like to drink too much. I usually have one drink and some food and then go to sleep.

Do you have a plane playlist?

I listened to the inflight radio on my last trip. I was really getting into the ’60s music.

And the last movie you watched in the air?

I always use flying as an excuse to watch the cheesiest movies I can find – all the ones my partner would never watch with me at home. Last time I flew, I saw Michael Jackson’s This Is It, about the final concert he was planning before he died. I cried the entire time. I always cry when I watch movies on a plane.

Complete this sentence: When I’m flying, I feel...  

Isolated but also inspired. 

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