Nicole Warne didn’t even have the energy to change her outfit after trekking to Norway’s famous Trolltunga cliff top.

The person: Nicole Warne, fashion blogger,; Qantas digital consultant.

The place: Trolltunga, Norway; 2014. It has been called the “scariest Instagram spot on Earth”, a dramatic cliff that juts out 700 metres above lake Ringedalsvatnet and has become a tourist hotspot thanks to its popularity on social media. Trolltunga, meaning “troll’s tongue”, is also one of the more dangerous traveller destinations, with search-and-rescue missions for hikers a fairly common occurrence. The hike to Trolltunga starts in Skjeggedal and is a 23 kilometre return trip.

The backstory: “I had actually seen a lot of photos of Trolltunga on Pinterest, but I never knew where it was. [Fiancé Luke Shadbolt and I] were in Paris and I wanted to take Luke somewhere to surprise him for his 30th birthday. He had said in passing that he always wanted to go to Trolltunga but I never actually knew what it was. Then I connected the dots that Trolltunga was the incredible cliff I had seen on Pinterest. 

“That photo was taken during an 11-hour round-trip hike. I was feeling so exhausted because we hiked through the rain. We took about four frames and then we had to keep moving, otherwise we would have been hiking in the dark. I had a spare change of clothes in my bag but by the time we got to Trolltunga I was so exhausted and freezing that I didn’t have the energy to change for pictures.

“Two things about Norway stood out to me. The first was the nature – the landscapes honestly were some of the most beautiful I had ever seen. We caught a boat through the fjords and there were waterfalls, which were really breathtaking.

“The second was that it was incredibly expensive! That took me by surprise. I remember we went and bought two bread rolls to make sandwiches for a hike and they cost us $10, with nothing inside them! I think if we were more financially prepared it would have been more enjoyable. But the nature balanced out the financial sacrifice.”

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