The chic little harbour of Hvar was fashion and beauty blogger Lindy Klim’s idyllic base to island-hop around Croatia’s emerald coast.

The person: Lindy Klim, creative director, Milk & Co. 

The place: Hvar, Croatia, 2014. One of the Dalmatian islands in the Adriatic Sea, Hvar has a reputation for glamour and attracts visitors the world over in the summer months. While many take the ferry from Split to get there, some drive their own multi-million dollar cruisers into the town’s glittering port. Snagging a sunlounger or cabana at Bonj ‘Les Bains’ Beach Club is a must for everyone.

The backstory: “This is me floating in the pristine waters of Hvar. I went with Tanja Gacic [founder of]; she is one of my best friends and Croatian. We were there for a music festival and spent our time going from one island to the next, just boat hopping – it takes around 20 minutes to get between islands. We’d go to one island for lunch, another for dinner – I did not expect it to be as incredible as it was. When I had first arrived in Split, some football thing was on and it was just hooligans everywhere. I was thinking ‘Oh my god, where have we come to?’ Then we caught the boat to Hvar and it was amazing, probably one of my favourite places that I’ve been to, and the food was sensational. We were there for a week, then it was on to London for work.”

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