"How I Travel" With Actress Teresa Palmer

Teresa Palmer

Actress Teresa Palmer talks jet lag, kids in airports and finding the world’s best vegan restaurant in her hometown of Adelaide.

You have a global family with your husband, actor and director Mark Webber. What’s your favourite city?

No matter what, we’re always back in Adelaide at least three times a year.

What do you love about it?

WOMADelaide and the Fringe. The thing that makes me most proud of the city is how we celebrate our arts and culture. Packing for five kids ranging in age from two to 15 is no joke.

How do you manage it?

Yarnbala, SA

I’m definitely a pre-planner. I have every suitcase lined up at least two weeks before we have to go.

Do you pack for “just in case” or keep it to the bare essentials?

On a recent RV trip, I packed snow gear – in summer.

What about luggage?

Zinc Flyte scooter bags

Zinc Flyte scooter bags for the kids. The wheels light up, they zoom through the airport then it folds up and goes in the overhead.

If you could only take one pair of shoes…

Louis Vuitton sandals

Louis Vuitton sandals. You can dress them up or dress them down and they’re comfortable enough to walk all day in.

What are you always picking up at the airport?

Kids’ headphones. Why are they always breaking?

Speaking of headphones, what’s the last great podcast you listened to on a flight?

I’m a huge true-crime junkie and my current obsession is Invisible Choir. Host Michael Ojibway has a voice that’s captivating and it’s so well-researched.

Do you have any tips on kids and jet lag?

Timeshifter app tells you exactly what time you should aim to go to sleep in order to get into your new timezone as quickly as possible.

What’s the first thing you do when you get off the plane in Adelaide?

We go straight to Semaphore Beach to soak up the vitamin D and jump in the ocean.

Your top place to eat in the city?

Allegra Dining Room, SA

Allegra Dining Room on Gilles Street. It’s vegan fine dining and they’re doing radical things with how they put tastes together.

And for a drink?

La Buvette, SA

La Buvette for the best natural and organic wines. 

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Image credit: Max Doyle/Headpress

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