Teela Reid Shares What’s Been on Her Mind Lately

Teela Reid

Wiradjuri and Wailwan woman, lawyer, essayist and co-host of the Blak Matters podcast, Teela Reid reveals what’s been on her mind lately.

The last movie I watched was…

The Little Mermaid. I went with my niece, who’s in primary school. As a child I loved the original animated movie but this version made me reconsider the premise of leaving everything you know for a chance at true love. It sparked some interesting conversations with my niece.

The last TV show I watched was…

The Dark Emu Story. It’s important to understand how this nation was colonised and how words are weaponised against First Nations peoples. At the heart of the debate is the idea, argued by writer Bruce Pascoe, that First Nations ways of living can be characterised as agricultural and part of an economy, as opposed to the “hunter-gatherer” narrative claimed by Western society.

Right now I’m reading…

As a co-founder of Blackfulla Book Club, I’m currently reading six books from the First Knowledges series: Law, Plants, Country, Astronomy, Design and Songlines. I’ve had the chance to graduate from multiple Western education systems, which contrast with the education I had growing up with my Elders, who speak about the stories of the law of the land. The First Knowledges book on law talks about the fact that there is an ancient jurisprudence here; our laws are told through oral stories and ceremony as opposed to textbooks or case law.

The podcasts I listen to are…

I’m a millennial tragic for Jay Shetty. He offers wise advice. I listen to Mel Robbins when I’m walking my dog in the morning. I enjoy how her life hacks are grounded in science, like “Don’t press snooze on your alarm or it’ll take you an extra 1.5 hours of sleep to make up for it.” I also listen to Black Magic Woman, hosted by Mundanara Bayles. She brings a real diversity of First Nations peoples together, which is so important for illustrating the rich variety of culture among Indigenous Australians and challenging negative stereotypes.

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