"How I Travel" With Interior Stylist Steve Cordony

Steve Cordony

This interior and events stylist takes his cues from the streets – and the street style – of the Tuscan capital, Florence.

What do you love most about Florence?

The intimacy of it. There’s something about the proportions of the streets – you feel enveloped by history. I was there for Pitti Uomo last year and the entire city was a catwalk.

Do you plan your outfits?

I plan for weeks – getting outfits from the tailor or making sure I have enough skin product – then I throw it all in last-minute! So, are you packing for “just in case”? I like to leave room for purchases. Sometimes I have an outfit in mind and aim to buy the perfect shoes to complement it while I’m away.

Cruel question but what if you could only pack one pair?

Leather loafer by Gucci

Ooft. I’d have to say black leather loafers by Saint Laurent or Gucci. Florence calls for a bit of theme dressing.

And for garment care?

Muji clothes brush

I bring a Muji clothes brush and a portable steamer for refreshing pieces I want to wear twice.

The one thing you always pick up at the airport?

A new scent so that I’ll have an olfactory reminder of my trip.

What is your flight take-off ritual?

I learnt transcendental meditation from Tim Brown, who sadly passed away last year. He taught me that the key is learning to quieten your mind anywhere. So I try to do a 20-minute meditation and then we’re off.

On the ground, do you follow an itinerary?

The first thing I do is put on my trainers and get out for a walk. I always go to the nonna restaurants – the ones with no menu. You must have found some gems! So many! My pick is Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco. I have a picture of me there with two desserts, just ridiculously happy.

What’s the best place for a nightcap?

La Terrazza at Hotel Continentale

La Terrazza at Hotel Continentale, a little rooftop bar overlooking the Ponte Vecchio.

Do you have a favourite place to stay?

Portrait Firenze

Portrait Firenze. It’s elegant and understated all at once.

The first thing you do when you get home?

I can’t relax until I’ve completely unpacked but next stop is Orchard St. café in Sydney’s Paddington.

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Image credit: Janos Grapow

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