"How I Travel" With Australian Designer Sarah-Jane Clarke

Sarah-Jane Clarke

With a new jewellery collection under her artisanal belt, this designer’s love of travel and collecting melds work and play.

The city you most frequent?

I travel to Marrakech as often as I can.

What keeps you coming back?

It’s one of the most creatively inspiring places on the planet – the colours and textures, and seeing what the artisans are making. You never walk down the same street twice. In my experience, even when you’re trying to! I know, it’s an adventure – the smells and colours of the souks, the warmth of the people. And, of course, the food – I’m obsessed.

Where do you always stay?

The Riad Mena in the Medina. It feels like this beautiful private home. Fatima, the house cook, makes an incredible vegetarian tagine.

And when you can lure yourself away from Fatima’s food?

Beldi Country Club, Marrakech

About 15 minutes from the Mena is the Beldi Country Club. You’re greeted by about 1000 roses and these luxurious swimming pools – and they serve a beautiful lunch under the 100-year-old olive trees.

Are you a planner or a last-minute packer?

I used to throw it all in, in a mad jumble, but these days I pre-plan each outfit right down to shoes and accessories so I don’t waste precious time when I’m there.

Genius. What’s your tip for keeping things organised?

Packing cubes all the way.

If you could only take one pair of shoes, they’d be…

Kashura crochet ballet flats

This is such a cruel question but I’d have to go with Kashura crochet ballet flats. So comfortable for exploring and they have a perfect Moroccan vibe.

What don’t you leave home without?

SJC travel charm necklace

My SJC travel charm necklace for good luck.

Any self-care rituals in the air?

It’s all about boosting my immune system so I take a few sachets of liposomal vitamin C.

And on the ground?

Hamman, Moroccan bathhouse

I go for a hammam. It’s a traditional Moroccan bathhouse where they slather you in black olive-based soap and scrub you until you’re soft as a baby. They’re all amazing but I particularly love the day spa at La Sultana for a next-level luxurious experience.

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