"How I Travel" With Fashion Designer Rebecca Vallance

Rebecca Vallance

The ultra-organised fashion designer spends her sky time in style – and hits the ground spinning.

City you visit most?

I travel to New York at least four times a year for “market”, which is when I’m selling our range to global retailers. I also meet with our US and UK sales teams and editors and stylists. 

What do you love most about it?

The energy and the people. You can go out for dinner any night of the week to a beautiful restaurant and it’ll be packed with people all dressed up. 

Are you a pre-planner or last-minute packer?

Before I leave, I plan out what I’m going to wear to everything in my diary but I bring a few extras to account for the weather and my mood. And if you could only fit one pair of shoes, they’d be… Fendi’s double-band slides – they’re comfortable and work with a suit or dress in summer. Saint Laurent’s over-the-knee Diane boots are a classic for winter. 

What about at the airport – anything you always grab?

My sons, Matthias, eight, and Rafael, six, adore I Heart NY shirts and NYPD caps. We have many Qantas toy planes, too. 

Speaking of planes, what’s your take-off ritual?

I order a glass of champagne, put on La Prairie Pure Gold eye cream and listen to music. Sleep is so important – I try to get into the time zone of my destination the second I get on the plane. Then I get out my laptop and work. 

Where do you head once you land?

The Dominick and Baccarat Hotels

I like The Dominick and Baccarat hotels. I always stay at the same places and request the same rooms. I unpack immediately, even if it’s 2am. What’s your garment care tip? I travel with knit dresses – get them out of the suitcase, hang them up and they’re all good. 

Itinerary or wing it?

I’m very scheduled. I love to have everything organised. Okay. So what’s your must-book? Casa Cruz on East 61st Street for steak, salads and Margaritas. 

And your wellness go-to?

I do a Soul Cycle session as soon as I can – spinning is great for jet lag. And I’m obsessed with Tracy Anderson’s Pilates in Tribeca. Sounds busy. 

How do you stay in touch?

I FaceTime with my husband and children every day. And I communicate with my team across the world via WhatsApp. 

First thing you do when you get home?

I kiss my family, go into our garden and walk barefoot in the grass to ground myself.

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