The Pop Culture Keeping Pallavi Shardi Busy in Her Down Time

Pallavi Shardi

The magnetic Australian actor and Bollywood star is a natural-born storyteller. Here’s how she spends her waking hours.

My favourite movie is…

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. It’s a Bollywood classic and always injects piercing nostalgia, which is something that I enjoy experiencing. It’s more a symbol of a time in my life than a movie.

The film I saw recently that I loved…

Past Lives beautifully expresses the emotional challenges faced by a woman caught between multiple worlds. It’s something I relate to as a woman who has existed between India and Australia. There is so much longing in this film and I think this is a feeling experienced by most people who have dual heritage.

The TV show I’ve been bingeing is…

Expats, because, well, my friends are in it. Blessing [Mokgohloa, who plays pastor Alan] is a beautiful human. Sarayu [Blue, who plays Hilary] is someone I have looked up to for years and she is finally getting the opportunities her talent deserves. But apart from the loyalty to my talented mates, I appreciate creator Lulu Wang’s work and perspectives. Having been an expat in Mumbai myself, I understand the dichotomy of that life.

The podcast I enjoy listening to is…

Armchair Expert – I love the way the hosts pry out the most intimate parts of people in a human and non-sensationalist manner. Natasha Lyonne’s episode was so refreshingly honest. Obviously, my Audible Original podcast, Sleep Sound, is a new favourite, too.

My social media follows include…

National Indigenous Television, UN Women Australia, Sweatshop Literacy Movement, Greenpeace Australia Pacific and the Charles Darwin Foundation, which has been working to ensure the conservation of biodiversity in the Galapagos. Yep, I’m a total nerd.

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Image credit: Mili Ghosh Diaries

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