"How I Travel" With Fashion Designer Michael Lo Sordo

Michael Lo Sordo

The fashion designer always packs a room spray, a handheld steamer and four pairs of shoes.

The city you visit most?

Paris. I’d never been there before I went to show my collections. It’s become my second home.

Can you narrow your packing down to one pair of shoes?

Absolutely not. You never know what party you’re going to be invited to. You need a dress shoe, sandal, fashion shoe and runner.

Fair enough. What’s your garment-care secret?

If you’re not travelling with a handheld steamer, you’re doing it wrong.

You’re at the airport. What do you pick up?

Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask.

Got to stay hydrated. Do you have any rituals on the plane?

Trudon Cyrnos Room Spray

I spray the seat. I love Trudon Cyrnos Room Spray. I never drink on the first leg but I always have a drink on the second leg just because I think I deserve it.

What do you listen to inflight?

Fat Mascara, a super-informative beauty podcast.

When you land in Paris, where do you stay?

Hôtel de Crillon, Paris

Hôtel de Crillon. It’s where we show our collections as well. I’ve gotten to know all the staff so it’s like going back to visit family.

Any must-visit restaurants?

Le Bistrot Paul Bert

The steak frites at Le Bistrot Paul Bert are the best in the world. They won’t even answer the phone but you just go there and beg for a table.

And for a nightcap?

Hôtel Costes. Models, designers and celebrities are always there running amok.

What about shopping?

I get my mother her favourite soaps from Officine Universelle Buly and then I pick up presents for me.

And how do you stay in touch when you’re on the road?

My friends and I write letters from our hotels.

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