How Jessica Gomes Packs in 20 Minutes


The model and founder of skincare range Equal Beauty needs little more than PJs, socks and a journal to find her inflight comfort zone. Interview by Kate Barracosa.

How often do you fly between Los Angeles and Sydney?

Every second month. It would be amazing to know how many hours that is a year.

Do you enjoy the flight back to Australia?

I love it. It’s a good distance and you’re going overseas so it feels different. I’m originally from Perth and, for some reason, flying to Sydney from Perth feels way longer and more exhausting.

What’s your system for packing?

When I buy something, I wear it until I’m sick of it so I just pack all of my current stuff. I always take a swimsuit and my training gear. I don’t like to pack anything that I only think I might wear. Sometimes I under-pack but that’s a reason to go shopping.

Can you pack quickly?

I can pack within 20 minutes. But I do like to pack light; I prefer to have one suitcase rather than two. 

Do you have a go-to outfit for flying?

I usually wear jeans, a James Perse T-shirt, some sort of cool jacket and my Gucci loafers, because they’re furry and cosy. I’m quite uniform in the way I dress.

How do you kill time at the airport?

I get there two hours ahead, check in, go to the Qantas lounge and enjoy some dinner, get on my late flight then sleep the whole way.

So you sleep easily on the plane... 

I do. The flight leaves at about 10.30pm so by the time I get on, I’m exhausted. I usually have to work when I land so I need to sleep.

Do you have any inflight rituals?

I love getting into the pyjamas and I wear the socks because they make me feel comfortable. I also take a good book. Sometimes I get really reflective when I fly. It’s quiet, nothing is disturbing me and I start thinking – so I take my journal to write in, too.

What sort of things do you write?

I write about my trip or what I want to achieve in the next two weeks or maybe a little poem that I’ve thought of. It helps clear my head. There’s something comforting about knowing that you have pen and paper and can create whatever you want.

What’s the last book you read on a plane?

Patti Smith’s Just Kids. But I haven’t quite finished it. 

What do you enjoy about flying?

I’m going on another adventure; I’m going to see more of the world. Flying gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Any tips for making flying stress free?

Take a good book, get cosy and relax. I find those little head pillows are great as well – they’re really good for your neck. 

How do you get over jet lag?

I might go to a Korean spa or sit in the sauna to help my body adjust but usually I come home, watch movies and veg out on the couch to get back into the swing of things. It’s always a relief to be home with my creature comforts. 

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