How Well Do You Know Jamie Lee Curtis?

Jamie Lee Curtis

How do you horrify the original scream queen? 
Corner her at a party and try to make small talk. 

What’s your greatest strength? 

I’m a really honest person. That’s served me pretty well in this life.

And your greatest weakness?

Well, I’m a recovering drug addict. This 
is my 20th year sober after an opiate and alcohol addiction. I don’t mean to say that drug addicts are weak but I’m human and I became addicted to something that was hard to shake; it was my weakness.

Who is your personal hero? 

Heroes are nurses in paediatric oncology wards or people working five jobs to make sure their children are provided for. Real people in real jobs are heroes to me. 

Why did you want to reprise your role in the Halloween reboot?

If the movie wasn’t as beautiful as it is, as excellent as it is and if the content didn’t have the level of import that I think the movie has, I wouldn’t have been in it. I’m thrilled because we made a movie about something and it’s been very successful. 

How would you describe your character’s arc from 40 years ago?

When Laurie Strode was 17, we saw a girl who was smart, capable, but she was also very vulnerable. That same fragility is with Laurie when we meet her 40 years later except now she’s a woman who has suffered violence and that level of trauma, that level of PTSD, creates a very sick human being when it’s untreated . The glory of the movie is watching her come out of that.

What virtue do you most admire in others? 

I’m a doer and I admire that quality in other people, too. I believe in hard work and sweat equity. 

If you could do any other job, what would it be?

I was terrible at school and I only got into college where my mother [actress Janet Leigh] was the most famous person to have ever graduated. Academics were never my thing. I think I’d have been 
a great police officer; I have empathy, strength and bravery, I hope.

What’s your idea of absolute happiness? 

Being curled up with a good book – I’m always hungry for knowledge.

What’s your most treasured possession?

My mind, especially when it spits out 
an idea for a really great children’s book [Curtis is the author of 15 bestselling storybooks]. Each idea that has shown 
up has been a gift. I love the miracle 
of creation.

What has been your greatest achievement?

Sobriety, by far. 

What’s one thing about you that would surprise people? 

I have zero issue about giving a one-hour lecture with no notes in front of 150,000 people but the truth is that I’m actually 
a very quiet, solitary person. 

What scares you? 

The snarky answer is the state of American politics right now because it’s terrifying. What the current administration is doing – and undoing – is potentially harming generations. I’m terrified of what that could mean for my kids [daughter Annie and son Thomas with her husband, writer, director and actor Christopher Guest].

What would you say is the most American thing about you? 

I’m incredibly patriotic. I believe in 
the beautiful document that is the Constitution [of the United States of America] but I don’t believe any of the original founding fathers thought it 
would never be amended. It should 
be a fluid document. 

Where would we find you at a party? 

Parties freak me out because I’m not good at small talk; I get deep and dark with people pretty quickly. I’m the first person there and the first person to leave. 

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Granola. I love really good granola.

What travel experience is on your bucket list? 

I love to travel and I’ll take any flight, anywhere. I actually rate plane landings – I almost need to carry numbers with me to hold up like they do in the Olympics. When it’s a soft landing, I’m the person who starts clapping. I look around at the other passengers like, “Come on people, that was impressive!”

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