A group of savvy travellers is helping Qantas shine a light on some of the incredible places the airline flies into every day.

They’re the new breed of media star – a variety whose names are prefaced by the @ symbol and whose particular areas of expertise can be summed up in one word: influence.

These clued-up influencers wield their power benevolently, sharing recommendations, expert tips and inspiring images of their travel experiences with thousands and in some cases millions of followers. Qantas’s roster of QCollective influencers come from all different realms and disciplines to bring a fresh take with every Instagram post.

Globetrotting fashion maven Nicole Warne, aka Gary Pepper Girl, lives a charmed life that could see her dashing from Port Douglas to Paris on the spur of the moment. Peripatetic cook, surfer and all-round nice-guy Dan Churchill might be cooking for Qantas on Hamilton Island one day and surfing the breaks of Bali the next. Photographic couple Jason Charles Hill and Emilie Ristevski (better known as @HelloEmilie) both have a unique eye, wielding their cameras to create new views on beautiful places. Others cover their own unique angles, such as family, fitness, wine and more.

We’re regularly posting updates from the QCollective as they gallivant around the world – get inspired.


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